Kickstarter Project ‘Uncommon Questions’ Aims to Help Couples in the Digital Age Start Talking Again

Las Vegas, NV –  For couples worried about the dying art of conversations in the midst of glowing screens and a myriad other distractions, here is new hope. “Uncommon Questions: Fresh Conversations for Couples” aims to offer just the right impetus and ignite the missing spark. The project, designed by the Las Vegas based Wester family, has received a positive response on Kickstarter and is now nearing completion.

Romance isn’t dead yet, not until we continue to enjoy spending time with our soul mate. “Uncommon Questions: Fresh Conversations for Couples” has the potential to start hundreds of fun, insightful chats and conversations that were just waiting to happen. The product comprises 200 poker sized, professionally printed cards with questions that act as cues to start conversations. The sleek box also contains 16 blank cards for users to add their own questions.

“We made Uncommon Questions because our relationship needed some help. As parents of young kids, my wife and I realized with the exhaustion we were facing on a daily basis, we had stopped discovering new things about each other. Our conversations were mostly the same every day: money, schedules, family stuff and what to watch on Netflix,” says Nick Wester.

Anyone playing this game of re-bonding and discovery will love how the cards bring out random, quirky, and fun facts the couples did not know about each other, with each conversation lasting from a minute to twenty minutes, and followed by more. The project has gone through several phases of testing, and has been liked by newlyweds, people dating, empty-nesters, DINK’s, married couples, teenage couples and retirees. In short, it works for everyone who wants to re-connect and re-kindle relationships.

“Uncommon Questions is also designed to be gender and orientation inclusive.  We hope everyone can enjoy it!” says Co-creator Dana Wester.

The Kickstarter campaign for Uncommon Questions is now in its last week, and welcomes donors who wish to encourage more warmth, love and conversations happening around them.

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