Kickstarter Campaign Seeks to Fund App to Support Amber Alerts

Child abduction alert app will crowdsource efforts to recover abducted children with vehicle recognition technology.

PORTAGE, WI – According to the Child Rescue Network, more than 180 children are abducted in the U.S. every day.  That’s more than 65,000 of our children every year taken from their families, abducted by non-family or family members.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 924 children have been rescued due to Amber Alerts. A Wisconsin father thinks we can do much better if we all help.  Michael Nagy, a senior computer programmer, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a free crowdsourcing mobile app to support Amber Alerts.

The new app, United Watch, is what Nagy calls a deep-learning, crowd-sourced community watch that will give mobile devices the power to be part of a global community watch. Users will be able to search for the suspect’s vehicles from their phones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

Nagy, a father himself, says he was blown away by media reports of how much human trafficking is happening. He was working with new computer vision algorithms when he received an Amber Alert. The idea hit him. He realized the algorithms had the capacity to enable crowdsourcing support.

On his KickStarter page, Nagy notes that the rapid pace of technology invites development of new tools, “Technology, however, is only as useful as we allow it to be. Unless we begin to incorporate cutting-edge advances into our lives, [tools] are going to do us no good. With our free app, we are introducing a crowd-sourced community watch that far surpasses anything else that is available.”

It is personal for Nagy, who thinks of his own child. “I know if my daughter were kidnapped, I would want this technology, and this community, available to help me get her back,” Nagy said. At that moment, he acknowledged what parents across the United States and around the world are feeling, the need for effective ways to protect their children.

The newly launched fundraising campaign: has a target of $250,000 to enable United Watch to be released in the last quarter of 2018. 

There is a working beta version of the app in testing now. This initial bit of funding will allow them to create the Android and IOS versions of the app and associated website, and to provide computer training for the top 250 most popular vehicles in the U.S. Subsequent steps are planned to roll out United Watch out to more areas, in more languages, and with more features.

In addition to making monetary contributions, supporters can help by sharing the campaign and information about the automated community watch app with friends and family on social media, by email, or by word of mouth.

Founded by Michael Nagy, United Watch is headquartered in Portage, Wisconsin.

For more information, contact us at or 608-712-8529.

To support United Watch, visit our website at

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