Kickstarter Campaign By Composer Paul K Joyce Goes Live To Raise Fund For Music Album Celestial

UK composer Paul K Joyce announces Kickstarter campaign for Celestial, his dream music project.

UK composer and musician Paul K Joyce has announced launch of Kickstarter campaign for music Celestial. It is an album that features songs written by the late Jonnie Douglas-Pennant. Celestial will have the recording of a 40-piece orchestra that will provide music to the songs written by the young Johnnie.

“We are glad to announce that we have moved ahead with the fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for our important project Celestial,” says Paul K Joyce while providing more details about the album. “We are hoping to raise £15,000 that will cover the cost of professional recording. Johnnie has written about nature, sky, clouds and death of his sister in the songs that will be part of the album and we are committed to take his songs to a wider audience.”

Celestial is a contemporary orchestral music project featuring songs and music by UK composer, Paul K Joyce. It is inspired by the late Johnnie Douglas-Pennant and features his childhood poems. Johnnie’s promising life was cut short tragically in 2004 when he died in a drowning accident at the tender age of 17. Johnnie’s Poems was published by his family after his death. It was a collection of the young Johnnie’s writings.

Celestial is an endeavor by Paul K Joyce to take the writing and poems of the young Johnnie to a wider audience. The album is narrated by Michael Sheen and has Steve Howe as the guest while Chris Watson provides the soundscapes.

Teachers and music lovers believe that the poems of Johnnie are truly inspirational and must reach more people, especially the teachers who take care of students suffering from dyspraxia and dyslexia. Parents too will be able to realize the inner talent of such students and the potential they have. The poems provide a glimpse into the mind of a child with dyspraxia and show how it works.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise funds needed to complete various aspects of the project. According to Paul K Joyce, more than 50% of the £15,000 they aim to raise will be spent on travel and stays. Other expenses come in the form of payments to be made to the orchestra, recording studio, T-shirts, CDs, and others.

Celestial campaign will be offering participants a lot of goodies depending on their level of participation and contribution. Participants will also get a chance to sing on the recording. All they need is their mobile phone or recording device and they can sing a simple melody alongside the mp3 and backing track provided to them.

About Celestial:

Celestial is an orchestral musical project that has songs and music by famous UK composer and musician Paul K Joyce. It features the childhood poems of Johnnie Douglas-Pennant, the child who fought dyslexia and dyspraxia and penned some of the most beautiful songs about the sky, clouds and the death of his sister.

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