Kadho Launches Embedded KidSense.ai, An Offline Speech Recognition Technology for Children

Embedded KidSense.ai is a COPPA-compliant speech to text engine developed for children under the age of 12. The artificial intelligence based platform was built on over 80,000 hours of speech data from children around world.

Irvine-based Kadho Inc. has previously launched KidSense.ai, a speech to text platform that integrates neuroscience of language acquisition with the latest advances in deep learning. Today, the embedded version of the same platform is introduced to the toys, robotics and kids’ wearable industry. Drawing on more than three years of R&D, KidSense.ai was developed for children under 12 years of age utilizing more than 80,000 hours of speech data from children around the world. KidSense.ai covers English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean and other languages. 

KidSense.ai has been validated by global commercial leaders in innovative learning and play products for children. These companies envision creating some of the first commercialized learning and entertainment products for children using Kadho’s AI-based conversational technology.

“Our goal is to enable children to communicate with technology. Additionally, we value kids’ data privacy, and that’s why KidSense.ai is an offline speech recognition technology specifically for children,” said Dr. Azartash, CEO. “Furthermore, KidSense.ai does not collect any audio data from kids and no data is ever sent to cloud-based servers. This makes the KidSense.ai solution uniquely COPPA- and GDPR- compliant”.

As a COPPA compliant embedded speech to text engine, Kidsense.ai provides a variety of models with sizes ranging from 2KB to 20MB. The technology is built to serve interactive hardware in the children domain. In addition to speech to text capabilities, Kidsense.ai provides an embedded solution for speech/pronunciation evaluation through its cognitive engines. Embedded KidSense.ai is built on integrating a number of language, acoustic and grammar models.

For more information, please visit http://www.kidsense.ai

About Kadho

An Irvine, CA-based tech company, Kadho is poised to revolutionize the kids speech recognition industry. The company has been developing educational technologies since 2014 and has operations in the US, China, Korea and Hong Kong. Kadho aims to introduce a secure way for kids to communicate with AI-based conversational technology.

For more information, contact creative@kadho.com or visit http://www.kidSense.ai

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/5khT6AZEGxw

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