JVN Prom Dresses: Fashion with Style for Every Personality

If you have a rebellious personality, feel free to break the parameters imposed. JVN new prom dresses collection with crystals implements, overcome the traditional rules of fashion, giving you a new style. Also, the skirt is made of a short layered tulle giving you the volume a princess should have.

This spring-summer season 2018, crystal implemented dresses are becoming a trend. They provide the comfort every girl needs to enjoy their party at its best. The dress, besides for being beautiful, is convenient when combining it with different accessories.

Traditional and flowery dress

These gowns are usually two-colored. One sharp and the other soft, with details of embroidered glass on a satin organza style. The neck is in the heart style and, to cover the arms, you can wear a satin layer.

This dress will represent all your background and Hispanic ancestry. If you are of classy fashion and you love ancestor’s country, you are at one of your best choices available. These quinceanera dresses are favorite for girls with identity links to Latin roots.

Victorian cut dress

We continue with the traditional style but from another side of the world. This dress is long, without sleeves or suspenders, of sober details and lace, in gold and silver. This way, the quinceanera dresses can also be in this exquisite classic style.

Wearing this design on the fabrics of the dress is like using an elegant architectural style. Its main characteristic is being decorative and romantic. Following the antique trend, the outfit represents pure royal fashion. The period during the reign of Queen Victoria of Great Britain since the late 19th century. All mixed with 2018’s trends.

For girls who like history and romance, they will feel like a queen with this classic dress.

Gothic style

Although it may not seem like it, this trend in quinceanera dresses is more common than you imagine. The Gothic style suffers from a duality between the romantic and the dark tones. The skirt is satin tulle. Most pieces are usually two colors; the predominant is black. The second is on the bottom of the dress in the form of decrease. They tend to be reddish tones, being the fuchsia, pink and red the most requested. Black is the axis of the dress, more than a color; it is its base. Use this dark tone as a base and the skirt in striking tones to complete the whole look.

You can be a girl with a strong personality but, at the same time, it’s your prom party. A special event, you want to look pretty and feminine with the dress. A goth-themed dress is your best alternative.
In your quinceanera dress pick, the only thing that should matter is your happiness. And, that you feel comfortable with the selected design.

About JVN Prom Dresses (source):

A prom dress is the dream of every teenager, and JVN makes it a reality. We have an exclusive collection of prom dresses that mixes elegance, glamour, and modernity. Prom dresses are JVN’s youngest and favorite collection. It is inspired by the most famous red carpets internationally, as well as in ancient times. We have the 1920s as the primary reference and inspiration to obtain that style of high fashion.

Each of the dresses is unique and have a delicate touch in the materials. We take care of the design of the dress from the first moment to the last detail. So you look unique and exceptional that night. Hand in hand with the best international designers, JVN prom dresses seek to make you feel like a fairytale princess or a daring and modern teenager. As for us, it is imperative that you feel entirely confident that night. There are a vast variety of dresses, and for sure more than one fits perfectly with your personality. Likewise, it does not matter if you are a girl with an apple-shaped body, in the form of a pear, in the way of a triangle, in the form of an hourglass or the shape of an inverted triangle. We have unique dress cuts for each body type. Besides, we have exclusive care with the choice of fabrics. We use the most sophisticated structures of the fashion industry.

Do you want to know a little more about each of our dresses? Explore the prom dresses 2018 collection that captivates for its diversity, comfort, and sophistication. Make your reservations immediately!

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