Juan Pablo Rico Gomez And Team Announces Indiegogo Campaign To Fund Project UMUNUKUNU

Juan Pablo Rico Gómez announces Indiegogo campaign for funding the UMUNUKUNU project.

Film producer Juan Pablo Rico Gómez and his team have announced the launch of a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for their ambitious UMUNUKUNU project. UMUNUKUNU is a documentary that researches four communities living along the mountain and how their concept of wealth differs completely from the real occidental thought.

“It is our dream to bring to the world, the real idea that people have about indigenous culture and that’s what forms the core of UMUNUKUNU,” says Juan Pablo Rico Gómez. “We have a flexible goal of $25,000 and believe that we are on the way to achieving it. The success of our project will help us present these amazing communities and their way of living to the world.”

UMUNUKUNU is a vision of what natives think about wealth. It is a reflection of how different this concept of wealth is from the current western beliefs. Juan Pablo Rico Gómez and his team which includes directors Luna Andrade, Álvaro Salamanca Balen and Juan Madiedo want to present this unique story to the world through their movie.

The documentary will present the “eldest brothers” as the community calls themselves, the way they live and how they demonstrate their prosperity. The team of film makers had a shocking experience during their encounter with the Kogi community from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Columbia. The community members let them have a deeper insight into their amazing culture, weather and spiritual wealth which they believe is the real wealth.

To the ordinary people, the Kogi community appears like some sick, unhappy people. Their images and their culture created a picture of poverty and sadness, a far cry from the real picture on the ground. The film makers want to bring this very disparity.

The documentary traces the journey of Manuel, a Kogi native as a representative of the kind of lifestyle the people of this community live. These people are not poor as they may appear. In fact, the concept of poverty simply does not exist among this community. The film attempts to capture the reconsideration of the concepts of wealth and poverty that this community follows which is quite divergent to popular and conventional ideas of wealth and poverty across the world.

According to the film makers, the geographical delimitations of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta territory offer the people here what they need to live. They have easy access to food and housing and even wisdom and healing. The conceptions of the “miserable” conditions of life here have been created for a long time now.

The Indiegogo funding campaign, if successful will help the film makers realize their UMUNUKUNU project so that real facts about this community can be shared with the world.


UMUNUKUNU is a documentary that aims to explore four villages located at different altitudes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The aim is to bring to mainstream the real lifestyle of the community and demonstrate how rich they really are.

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