Jomic Grech launches – a platform that allows for trading cars for Bitcoin

Jomic Grech has announced the launch of, the unique platform that allows users to buy and sell cars for Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Auto Trader online platform,, is the first of its kind platform that allows users to trade in their cars for Bitcoin. The unique platform owned and operated by Jomic Grech is the first car dealership in Malta that will go into such a revolutionary venture. This platform will ensure that anyone in Malta can buy and sell cars safely and somewhat anonymously while enjoy the benefits that come with transacting with the mother of all digital currencies – Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and the emergence of digital currency have changed the financial system across the globe. Running on the block chain technology, Bitcoin and other such digital currencies have helped in ensuring a safe and secured transfer and receipt of funds across the globe. Consequently, digital currency is increasing in popularity and acceptance, with several businesses and even countries adopting the use of Bitcoin as a method of payment and trading tool.

Therefore, Jomic Grech has taken the bold step of establishing an online car dealership platform that sells and buys cars with Bitcoin. The platform allows users to complete the process in three simple steps, which includes finding it, picking the car, and paying via cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. This is the first of its kind platform not only in Malta but in most nations across the globe.

In addition to allowing people to trade cars with Bitcoin, the site also helps people trade in different kinds of digital currencies. The platform does this by helping users to set up their accounts, while also providing them with the required guide on how to trade and make profitable returns. This ensures that people profit from the cryptocurrency space and make as much money as possible from their investment. is consequently becoming the comprehensive crypto platform not only for people in Malta but across Europe, as the company plans to expand its services to the United Kingdom. Bitcoin and Auto Trader also buys and sells cars with cash locally in Malta.

The platform is designed to help people trade digital currencies and get the best from the cryptocurrency world, even with the littlest of knowledge. This ensures that people in Malta and even in the United Kingdom can relate digital currency with real life assets.

About Bitcoin & Autotrader

About Bitcoin & Autotrader is the first of its kind car dealership in Malta that allows for the sale and purchase of cars with Bitcoin. The platform buys cars from clients paying with Bitcoin, while also accepting the digital currency as one of the methods of payment.

The platform is also designed to allow people trade in digital currency by providing them the platform and guide to make informed decisions and make profits on their trades.

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