Johnson, Birdsall reunite for Rogue Warrior follow-up

The Time War will also feature various actors from the previous film

Following their success with Summer action release Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter, writer-director Neil Johnson and actress Tracey Birdsall have reteamed for the new science-fiction thriller The Time War.

Shooting in various locations around the world, The Time War fixes on the scenario that imagines Adolf Hitler travelling back in time and rewriting history.

Stephen Manley, who played a pivotal role in the duo’s Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter (now available from Sony Pictures), and William Kircher, who also had a key role in the film, have roles in the new film.

On bringing back The Hobbit’s Kircher, Birdsall said in a recent interview that “he’s awesome and very motivated to do great work” but didn’t reveal which role the New Zealand would play in the film.

“We also brought in Stephen Manley – because on his reel when we met him was a scene where he was Hitler. Since we needed a Hitler, he was the perfect choice, as I’ve never seen anyone do it better! Brilliance at it’s best.”

For Birdsall, The Time War presents another opportunity to play a strong female role in an explosive action scenario. It was a given, she said in a recent interview, that she’d end up taking such parts.

“My life has been a pretty awesome journey from tomboy to now. I keep bringing up the tomboy thing, as it’s an important part in my journey. I wasn’t that girly girl who wanted to play with dolls. It was a bit isolating. I wanted to be raced, challenged, judged on my abilities and not on my looks. It’s always nice when a girl grows up and sees that just being who she is in life (not trying to be anything but who you are) lands you exactly where you belong – and you can be proud of it. We are all exactly who we need to be. Listen up girls!… be who you are.”

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