John Hayes VP Vecna Robotics Explores Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Artificial Intelligence in AGVs

John Hayes, Vice-President of Sales and Logistics for Vecna Robotics, discussed how there are a number of vendors in the AGV space, but only one solution uses Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its robotics to quantify best practice solutions.

OEE is a well-established standard for measuring the degree to which machinery on the plant floor is optimized. The amount of downtime is quantified with the OEE metric along with the delta or gap for maximum productivity. Until recently, OEE simply informed operations managers and plant managers of the percentage of lost productivity, throughput, and output. For example, a machine that could produce 100 units per hour may be producing only 80 units per hour. The ability to recognize the delta (20 units per hour), however, does not identify the rationale nor the corrective action needed to reach full optimization.

Similarly, when Vecna Robotics introduced 24/7 IIoT monitoring with AGVs in 2017, some industry experts did not understand the value proposition. The sensors that guided collision-free self-driving vehicles were collecting data. However, many materials handling, manufacturing, and fulfillment experts failed to see how those metrics actually made every pass with an AGV better, more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

Developed using state-of-the-art technologies, Vecna Robotics AGVs deliver green-light metrics and analytical capabilities to effectively reduce downtime while increasing throughput and profits.

Vecna Robotics customers also often experience a positive shift in culture. Every stakeholder – from operators to engineers to production and management teams – has visibility into plant performance, efficiency, and quality data that drives increased profitability. This transparency helps break down departmental siloes, leading to a more collaborative work environment.

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