Select job feeds from websites based on geographies and industries that exactly match your business requirements.

Bangalore, India – Jul 4, 2017 – The first version of JobsPikr was launched by PromptCloud two months back to help job boards, recruitment agencies and labour market research firms access publicly available job data present on the company websites in ready-to-use format. The version two of JobsPikr comes with major overhauls and improvements after carefully considering the feedback from early users of our job data delivery platform including internal data and suggestions received from reputed communities such as ProductHunt and Betalist.

While our job data platform will continue to provide job feeds by extracting data directly from the career pages of company websites, the upgraded platform will allow users to select sites specific to industries along with geographies. Apart from that, we have also changed our pricing to help our customers get better value out of JobsPikr. In the subsequent sections, we’ll cover the updates in greater details.

Many of our existing subscribers are companies that cater to specific industries such as software, telecommunication, healthcare, etc. Although we already had provision to select sites based on geography, we realized that a filter to select industries would significantly help our customers. Now, users can select the sites to get job feeds from the geography and/or industry they serve. For example, a recruitment agency catering to Australian energy market can easily get job data from the websites of Australian companies operating in the energy space.

The previous version offered job feeds based on pre-packaged bundles of sites. It restricted our users from selecting only the sites they needed as the bundles came with at least 50 sites. The upgraded version has a flexible site selection process — it allows users to handpick certain sites or select all sites with a single click from relevant region and industry.

The pricing has gone through major restructuring. We’ve managed to make the subscription fee more affordable by directly mapping it to the number of sites selected by customers. The new pricing structure not only brings the cost down, but also makes it more convenient as you now have the option to pay for your subscriptions on a monthly or quarterly basis. Quarterly subscriptions will also give you an additional 10% discount. You can get free job feeds from up to 10 sites, for three months by simply tweeting about JobsPikr. Users can also come back and extend the subscription for another three months by tweeting again. It’s forever free!

Apart from the above-mentioned changes, we also made significant improvements to the core machine learning algorithm for data extraction and more than doubled the number of sites available in our current pool. We firmly believe that with these updates, we’ll continue to add great value to our customers and help them succeed.

With JobsPikr, we aim to democratize the access to publicly available job data on the web for businesses across the world and help them focus on growth without worrying about data acquisition.

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