Jobs Secrets Revealed Could Turn the Tide for the Unemployed

A long career in information technology projects in top financial institutions around the world led Alex Groenendyk to tap into his experience and guide the world of the unemployed or underemployed to greater opportunities with his new book, This is Who We Hire: Employers Reveal How to: How to get a job. Succeed in it. Get promoted.

Why do some people quickly land a job and then skyrocket to the top of the corporate ladder while others take months, even years, to find a job they hate, only to lose it a short time later? This Is Who We Hire covers every essential skill you need to help you get a job you will enjoy and negotiate a high salary and great benefits. However, while most books only go as far as guiding you to your dream job, this book goes on to show you how to make sure don’t lose it, your boss raves about your performance and how to line yourself up for the promotions of your choice. It teaches the following activities, which can take you all the way to the top! How to: build critical interpersonal skills to optimize your instant likeability and relationship-building capabilities; build a network of influential connections that can help you decide on your direction, find a job, coach you, and even hire you develop the top ten skills and attitudes that will help you succeed and which employers specifically look for.

Allen H. Kupetz, Co-Chair, Department of Business, Rollins College says the following, “Having taught college seniors and MBA students for more than 10 years, I think most selective colleges and universities do a good job teaching the hard skills necessary for post-graduation employment. But many institutions are less successful in providing meaningful, actionable skills to find a job, build a career, and get promoted. While certainly not solely for new grads, This is Who we Hire fills the gap. Since I am also the parent of a recent college grad and a rising junior, I’m buying a copy for each. Parents are often the ones making the tremendous investment of a college education for their children. A happy, healthy, successful graduate is your goal and reward. After spending thousands and thousands of dollars to reach this point, a couple of dollars more to buy this book seems like a small and wise investment.”

This book helps the potential create relevant and high-impact resumes, online profiles, achievement portfolios, and references to succeed in the interview by making the interviewer believe 3 important things about you – will you fit in, do you have the skills to do the job and do you have the drive to want to do the job. Learn the when, what, and how of negotiating to maximize your pay and other compensation get your job off to the best possible start by building the right relationships with the boss, colleagues, and customers get the job done well on a consistent basis by learning processes to solve problems and make sound decisions. Become recognized as leadership and management material. Learn key strategies to get promoted. Even for those already in a career today, the skills in this book will be highly relevant. They provide help for your immediate needs and ensure long-term sustained success.

Groenendyk says, “I have spoken to managers at many different levels, and they often complain that there is a shortage of the people they are looking for and that this is a constraint on their ability to meet their objectives. They have to spend too much time and effort scanning resumes and online profiles followed by arranging and conducting seemingly endless interviews. As a result, many also admit that when they finally do find the right person, they get a sudden rush of excitement as they decide, This is who we want! It’s the moment in which they visualize how the new recruit can help them achieve their objectives.”

For 25 years, Alex was a leader in the business of developing, selling, installing, and maintaining complex multimillion-dollar information technology projects in top financial institutions around the world. Throughout the course of his career Alex has lived in Asia, Europe, and the United States, employing more than 3,000 staff in projects spread over 50 countries. He has worked in multibillion-dollar organizations such as Fiserv, where he was twice voted Business Unit President of the Year. Alex is currently president of GOAL Consulting LLC, which focuses on helping both small companies and individuals launch, fix, and sustain their corporate and personal career aspirations. He is also a board member of venVelo, an award-winning venture fund that provides both funding and expertise to early stage entrepreneurs.

The book will officially release on May 20 and will be available at and on

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