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The beauty and cosmetic industry includes sub-industries such as hair treatment, nail care, facial treatment, body treatment, and more. These industries have had their share of compensation claims through the years. Now, victims of accidents from beauty and cosmetic treatments find it easier to contact a solicitor like Joanne Du Plessis with an online contact form.

UNITED KINGDOM – 16 May, 2018 – The beauty and cosmetic treatment industry has now become a billion-pound industry, and treatments are highly varied, from waxing to hair dyeing to Botox, nail treatments, tattoos, and more. But since there are so many treatments being offered, there are now more cases of victims of accidents and injuries as well.

The fact of the matter is that the beauty and cosmetic industry is not wholly regulated, and there are thousands of ‘technicians’ and ‘beauticians’ who are not completely qualified. Most receive only the most basic training. This is one reason why injuries and accidents have become all-too-common: negligence, a lack of skill and knowledge, the improper use of tools or equipment, and the use of faulty products.

Fortunately, for those who are facing or who have faced injuries or damage because of a cosmetic or beauty treatment, there is a solicitor who is always ready to help: Joanne Du Plessis. Joanne Du Plessis has been in the practice for more than 25 years, and she is known for having international experience when it comes to laws regarding personal injury. Joanne Du Plessis expounds on the service she can provide: “As a working woman I understand the need for flexibility and I am always available at times to suit you, including outside of normal working hours. I also have the added bonus of experience within the insurance industry. My unique insight into (the) insurance industry practice gives me the knowledge and ability to strategically gain the best outcome for you.”

All claims are personally handled by Joanne Du Plessis under the umbrella of her own law firm, which is Shires Law, and she promises the expert help of both a larger firm as well as her own personal support and guidance.

Now, would-be clients who are interested in seeking help can find it easier to contact Joanne Du Plessis through her website’s online contact form, where interested clients can simply fill in their name, email address, and personal message, submit the form, and wait for a prompt response.

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Joanne Du Plessis takes pride in being a leading solicitor who is adept at handling a variety of compensation claims. To acquire more information on how Joanne Du Plessis can assist with hair damage claims, cosmetic injury claims, beauty injury claims, and more, visit her site.

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