JK DeLapp Starts Crowdfunding Campaign On Indiegogo To Fund Expansion Plans Of Rising Phoenix Perfumery

JK DeLapp takes his fundraiser campaign to Indiegogo to finance his Rising Phoenix Perfumery expansion project.

JK DeLapp, a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and a trained medical herbalist, has announced launch of a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to fund his pet project. Rising Phoenix Perfumery is the dream child of JK and has won acclaims from leading perfume critics. The campaign aims to raise fund for the expansion of the entity.

“The Rising Phoenix Perfumery is famous for its premium quality, naturally-minded products, completely devoid of any harmful chemicals,” says founder and perfumer JK DeLapp. “We are a small outfit but we have are a reliable name in perfumes. The fundraiser is for development of our alcohol-based spray Eau De Parfum fragrance line.”

Rising Phoenix Perfumery is a 100% family owned artisanal perfumery with a growing reputation for natural, high quality products. The company has won acclaim from leading perfume critics like Luca Turin for one of their perfumes which was also nominated for the Independent Perfume award at the 2016 Art and Olfaction Award.

All the naturally-minded products at Rising Phoenix are made without using any harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates. The company also provides local artisans a chance to preserve the ancient but dying art of perfumery. The company has a popular and reputed Attar line which is globally acclaimed.

Rising Phoenix Perfumery has major expansion plans and looking towards development of their alcohol-based spray Eau De Parfum fragrance line. There exists a huge market and demand for the high quality products of Rising Phoenix. The crowdfunding efforts at Indiegogo will help the company raise the finances needed to support its proposed expansion.

According to JK, they do things differently from the big perfume corporations.  Every perfume they create and develop is painstakingly made by hand using natural, rare raw materials, many of which they still distill or produce on their own. These include the precious Oud oils from the Far East, sandalwood oil from India, Indonesia, and Timor Island, and Frankincense Oils from Oman, Ethiopia and Somalia. Their naturally-minded fragrances are free from unnecessary chemicals that produce a toxic burden on the user and the environment.

The company strives to keep all the work ‘in the family’ and has a team of dedicated artisan distillers from South East Asia, Africa and the USA that JK has created and nurtured carefully over the past six years. They try their best to keep their supply chain personal and utilize it to create employment opportunities for countless people looking for work and support. They also support local movements around the globe that are moving towards total sustainability.

The cash-poor but knowledge-rich entity is looking to scale up in a big way to meet the growing demand for natural perfumes from across the world. The Indiegogo campaign is aiming to raise $350,000 to fund their expansion plans.

About Rising Phoenix Perfumery:

Rising Phoenix Perfumery is a small, 100% family owned artisanal perfumery based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The company is known for their naturally-minded perfumes that are completely free from harmful chemicals. Leading perfume critics, including Luca Turin have acclaimed their perfumes. One of their products was nominated for the Independent Perfume award of the 2016 Art and Olfaction Awards. The company is looking to expand operations by introducing alcohol-based spray Eau De Parfum, fragrance line.

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