Jim Albertson Named Executive VP of Sunovis Financial

We want to get out there and speak to our clients face-to-face, not hide behind an anonymous website. We are looking to bring back the role and feel of the ‘home town’ lender.
Sunovis Financial appoints Jim Albertson to head their new office in Kansas City.

Kansas City, KS, USA (May 8, 2014) — With the opening of a new branch in Kansas City, Sunovis Financial, a leading online small business lender, recently named Jim Albertson as Executive Vice President. In addition to serving the local small business community, Albertson now heads all outreach and operations initiatives targeted to several Midwestern states, including Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and throughout Kansas. He is also in charge of all business development and underwriting activities for Sunovis Financial across the U.S.

Albertson strongly identifies with the company mission at Sunovis Financial: to help rebuild the U.S. economy by giving small business owners easy access to affordable financing. He says that many small business owners come to him frustrated after their experiences with alternative lenders who charge exorbitant rates, have hidden fees, or obscure terms and conditions. According to Albertson, part of the decision to move to Kansas City was to build real and lasting relationships with their clients. “We want to get out there and speak to our clients face-to-face, not hide behind an anonymous website. We are looking to bring back the role and feel of the ‘home town’ lender.”

Over his long business career, Albertson has developed a broad range of knowledge and expertise in real estate, business finance, sales, and marketing, combined with hands-on business experience. He has been involved in thousands of real estate and business financing transactions, from small business loans to large commercial real estate transactions, and he has earned a reputation for developing creative solutions to complex problems.

In addition to serving as Executive VP for Sunovis Financial, Albertson currently serves as Chief Executive Officer with Genesis Capital Management, providing “Off-Market” real estate services for both buyers and sellers of commercial real estate.

About Sunovis Financial

Sunovis Financial is a leading online lender specializing in helping small businesses that have healthy cash flows. Typical customers include, health and dental practices, retail stores, restaurant and franchisees, online companies, and more. Sunovis Financial currently serves over 700 industry types and offers a broad range of micro loan and other alternative financing products, such as equipment leasing and accounts receivable factoring.

Their Premier small business loans are offered at affordable, business-friendly rates and require no personal guarantee, no collateral, and have no prepayment penalty. Sunovis Financial extends their short-term, renewable business loans of up to $150,000 to qualified applicants within a few business days. The company’s speed and transparency make it a trusted alternative to banks.

For more information contact Jim Albertson via phone (855) 243-7191, via email info@sunovisfinancial.com, or visit sunovisfinancial.com

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