Jeffery Discount Marine presents products to keep boats clean and shining

Jeffery Discount Marine (JDM) is an online store, as they call it, ‘for the boaters, by the boaters’. It offers a variety of products and accessories for those enthusiastic about their boat. The products offered at their website are specially designed and constructed for the Mariners for enabling them to keep their boat clean and shining. The online store is established by a group of people having great experience in yacht detailing in South Florida.

The owners of JDM know and understand the problems faced by the Mariners with their boats whether it is a Prestige, Catamaran, Pontoon, Tiara or a simple raft. Among all the cleaning issues faced by them, bird droppings are one of the major, which is often very hard to prevent and clean after the damage is done. JDM encourages preventive actions to avoid dealing with such hassle, by offering products like Bird repellant balloon and Double-sided bird deterrent tape.

The anti-bird deterrent balloon is a simple yet effective product that keeps the winged creatures away by scaring them off. It is created as a result of the research that shows that birds hate bright colors which is why the product is made in vibrant yellow color with a red eye and an intimidating sound to keep them away. The product is made of a tear-resistant and weatherproof material which makes it suitable to be used as a bird repellent for trees, gardens, car, and orchards apart from boats.

Another product to prevent bird droppings on the boat is the Double-sided bird deterrent tape, made of sturdy, thick PET material that is weatherproof and tear-resistant. The iridescent design works as a deterrent, but is chemical-free and will not harm birds. Just like the bird repellant balloon, this tape can also be used for windows, cars, balconies, and rooftop. Simply cut some strips and stick them around the area you want to protect.

Some of the other products featured on JMD online store are the Marine cleaning sponge, which is specially constructed for the boats. Unlike the regular sponges, it is made of durable material that won’t disintegrate after a few washes. It can be used for cleaning vehicle, Kitchen or RV. The dimensions of this yellow cleaning sponge are 11.8in x 3.94in and it comes in a pack of three.

The Super Absorbent Chamois is another multi-functional product available at the online store that can serve many purposes including cleaning the boat, window glasses, car and as a kitchen towel etc. It is made of durable artificial leather making it highly durable and effective for cleaning. More information about the products can be seen at

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