Jecicadress Holds a Great “Play Games, Win Dresses” Event to Promote its New Party Dresses Collection

Jecicadress promotes its new collection of party dresses in an entertaining way instead of by the traditional fashion show. It holds a big game event at the S&M Sports Center. Attendants can win party dresses by playing games.

Usually Jecicadress unveils its newly-designed products by fashion shows. But this time, Jecicadress uses an enjoyable method to promote its new collection — party dresses. It holds a big game event at the theme of “Play Games, Win Dresses”. It is an activity in which the awards are the pretty new party dresses, which can be seen directly from the name.

Everyone who has or does not have an account in Jecicadress can take part in this activity. A month before the event starts, a banner that briefly introduces the specific information such as the exact date and address shows at the top of the homepage. People can click on the banner to know more if they have interests. Besides the big banner, every customer who has shopped at Jecicadress during that period of time gets an invitation e-card to the event.

Everyone gets a special number card before entering the S&M Sports Center where the game event holds. Several picked party dresses are shown in a line on the stage. These dresses are the awards for the game that day. There are different rounds and various games. The most interesting one is “Walk and Hug”. The rules are as follows: Ten customers will be selected at random by the lights at the event. They need to come to the stage, and walk slowly in a circle counterclockwise when the host says “Start!”. Later, they need to hug with others in a group as instructed. For example, one should hug with the other 3 people if the host says “four”. Anyone who fails to do this will be out. The game is really attractive to all the attendants. They ask to do it again and again. Totally 10 rounds. The final round is the competition between the champions in the first nine rounds. And the winner picks one beautiful party dresses from the collection listed at the stage.

The climax comes at the end of the event. The lead designer of Jecicadress, also the chief designer of the new collection, steps onto the stage and picks one paper from the container. The paper will be printed a number and the number means a lucky girl who will get the most expensive dress which was put on the stage before the event but covered with a red piece of cloth. The award is the most beautiful one from the unveiled collection of bridesmaid dresses. When the dress shown to people present, they can’t help “wowing”.

The new bridesmaid dresses collection is coming to all the Jecicadress customers. Please wait!


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