Jayne Joan-Grange Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Publishing And Marketing Her Book ‘Bewitched’

Jayne Joan-Grange launches Kickstarter campaign for her book ‘Bewitched’.

Jayne Joan-Grange, singer and performer with a great track record of success, has announced that her fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter is live and running. The crowdfunding is needed for her dream project, Bewitched which is an exciting novel, soon to be made in a major motion picture.

“Bewitched is nothing less than a dream come true for me as I have worked very hard for making this book become a reality,” says Jayne Joan-Grange about her project. “After many sleepless nights and tears of frustration, I am delighted that the book is complete and I am now ready to self-publish it. The story has the ability to create a spark in the heart and that’s why I am asking for your support for this project.”

Bewitched is being published by Archway Publishing and is the story of a Kenyan woman who stays true in love to her French husband who is a playboy, despite the many risks and dangers she is exposed to. The woman, Tatiana is the daughter of a powerful Kenyan politician and minister while her husband, Jason Becks is the son of an equally influential French politician.

While the alliance is intended to be beneficial to both nations as it happens as an agreement between the two powerful leaders, there are many dangers lurking beneath the relationship. Tatiana is an independent young woman with firm goals about her life and career while Jason is a fun-loving playboy with no intention of reciprocating Tatiana’s love.

According to Jayne Joan-Grange, Bewitched is a story that shows the true meaning of the power of tolerance. The novel has a lovely message that love can transcend all boundaries that look seemingly impossible to overcome such as age, culture, political influence and uncertain dangers.

The book will soon be made into a major motion movie according to Jayne Joan-Grange. She has already managed to secure a top agent and also has vital backing from (IPG) Intellectual Property Group. Her team consists of very talented and committed people working very hard to reach the book out to the audience. They firmly believe that the story has the power to touch many hearts.

The key hurdle is the money needed for marketing. With finances not exactly flowing, they are finding it tough to hit their goal. That’s why this Kickstarter campaign has been launched so that they can get more people to know and hear about Bewitched which will encourage them to buy and read it.

The Kickstarter campaign by Jayne Joan-Grange is aiming to raise $30,000 to meet their financial goals. Her team is aware that more participation from contributors is needed to help them hit that goal. The project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by 20 October, 2017.

About Bewitched:

Bewitched is a dream project of Jayne Joan-Grange, a singer and performer with a fairly successful career record. Bewitched is the result of many years of hard work, sweat and toil. It is essentially a story about power of tolerance and true love. The message in the book is that love can transcend all boundaries, even most desperately uncertain peril.

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