Jay Tiew unveils new book ‘Paleo Action Plan’ to reveal healthy eating habits

In today’s world, when we’re so busy in our lives, we forget to take care of our body, the most essential thing to do. When we don’t have time to have a full meal, we stuff our stomach with Junk which curbs the hunger but hardly provides our body the essential nutrients it needs to function properly.

We eat vegetable and think we’re eating healthy, but is it cooked the right way? Does it retain the nutrients even after cooking? Ever thought, what kind of food and nutrients are required by our body to keep it healthy? How can we eat in such way that we don’t have to hit gym hard to control our weight? How can we lose weight without starving ourselves?

The book by Jay Tiew Jin Jie named Paleo Action Plan offers answers to all these questions. According to the book, The Paleo way has been used by our ancestors about 2.5 million years ago and evolution has yet to catch up with us in terms of our changing eating habits.

Paleo is not going to tell what to eat and what not to eat. It is not going to tell you the secret recipes to lose weight but it’ll guide you to the process of preparing your food in such a way that can keep you healthy and help you keep your weight in check.

The book promises to change about your perception about food, once and for all. The book reveals the biggest mistake we are doing with our food. By correcting that mistake we can improve our health while eating the food we love.

It focuses on the following key points:

  • Bonus 1: The Number 1 Paleo Mistake
  • Bonus 2: How I Lost 10 Pounds In 10 Days Without Exercising
  • Bonus 3: Questions People Ask Me About Paleo
  • Bonus 4: Paleo Compliant Recipes (Including Chocolate & Steak)

The author also has a blog which consists of many useful articles like, positive thinking, ‘eating the rainbow’, healthy snacking and lot more. To read the full articles, you may visit http://naturelifetips.com/

If you’re already convinced by the advantages that this book can offer you, this fact will add more to your interest that this book is offered for free. The author has been getting community support earlier and with an aim of changing lifestyles of as many people as possible, he has offered it for free!

Although, if you’re overwhelmed by the idea of this book, you can voluntarily make donations and earn reward as well, provided by the author. For instance, for $5 and above, you will receive full album relaxation music as a thank you gesture. For $10 and above will receive a full album of relaxation music plus Guided Meditation Therapy Audio as author’s ultimate token of appreciation.

So go on and download the pdf to start over a healthier way of living. For more information visit https://payhip.com/b/2com

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