IUOC founder Guo Hongli, A man tries to do all the good to this world

Although he created this product which can help many people who love smoking to reduce the harm of tobacco to them, but I do not want to stop at this, IUOC is just the first step, he also want to try to make more scientific and technical products to serve the community and serve everyone

“I had climbed the top of the mountain once. But i was pushed down and fell down to the bottom. I have seen the darkest side of life. But I still have faith on this society. Because the society is changing better. Be grateful for all the friends who fought for me and trusted in me.” Guo Hongli told us.

IUOC Founder Guo Hongli

With a kind heart, he helps others a lot.

Guo Hongli, a strong man with a dark skin, looks nothing special at first sight, but to talk to him and then we could feel that he is an extremely frank person. “It is not difficult for a person to do good things. It is difficult for a person to do good things in a lifetime.”I believe many people agree with these words. However, a wish, to do a good thing for a lifetime, was implanted in the heart of Guo when he was a little kid. In his memory, there was a particularly impressive thing. In 1987,  Xinjiang Turpan’s torrential floods caused 12,000 passengers to be stuck in a small station—Hami Station—that can only accommodate 300 people. The 12-year-old Guo witnessed the touching scenes of the rescue movement held by all walks of life in Hami. The workers, cadres, students, and citizens were all strangers who had gathered for the distressed passengers. The moving tears and the genuine smile that people showed after getting helped which deeply impressed Guo. It’s surprising that people help people with no purpose, and they will have unparalleled joy and happiness in their hearts. On that day, Guo set a wish to do good things in his life. “Maybe I can’t do anything great, but I can do something that I can do. Even if it’s a small thing, I’m willing to do it if I can help others.” Guo’s words are simple, but they are deeply rooted in people’s hearts. 

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Guo Hongli put his words into action. In his daily life, his friends, classmates, neighbors, as long as he sees who’s in need, they don’t even need to ask, he offers his help immediately, even if it is passers-by, strangers, he offers his hands with no hesitation if they’re in need. At the critical moment of disaster relief, he still stands up: the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake Rescue, the 2010 Yushu Earthquake Rescue, the 2010 Zhouqu Debris Flow Disaster Rescue, the 2012 Yongnian Earthquake Relief in 2012, and the Nepal Earthquake Relief in 2015, and the Wuhan Flood in 2016 Rescue…

When the people are in trouble, when the country is in need, he is always the first man to run toward the disaster area and rush to those people in desperate need of rescue. He once said: “Where there is a disaster, as long as I can arrive, I will be there.” Through his hands, he does not know how many salvaged lives he has saved under brick and cement. With his own modest strength, he actively provides donations for the people who are in disaster areas and damaged schools to help them tide over difficulties. Guo Hongli, such a good man, who was rated as the “advanced individual in earthquake relief” by Guangdong government, suffered the darkest period of his life in 2012.

Receive grievance, complain in the dark.

Guo, graduated from Sun Yat-sen University, was an outstanding and very thoughtful man during his school days. In 2010, he co-founded a company which specialized in home appliance products. He was the legal representative and the general manager of the company and fully in charge of the company. The company developed surprisingly smooth with Guo’s bright mind and sensitivity of the market. However, the smooth development of the company did not bring any good luck to Guo Hongli, but it became the origin of a dispute that followed.

Guo’s partner wanted to squeeze Guo from the company and thus came up with a charge against Guo for misappropriating and embezzling funds. When talking about this case, although Guo’s face was calm, his clenched fist told everything. It could be seen that this incident left an indelible influence on his heart. “The number 833, I think I will never forget this number, those days, the pain and the suffering in my heart, i will never forget.”

Give back to the society, rethink to start his own business

Everything was brand new to Guo when he returned to the society. Holding the state compensation 240,000 yuan, his heart was filled with mixed feelings. Although he missed the peak of his career for a period of time, he was undaunted and determined to use his abilities to start a new business with a positive attitude.

What exactly should I do? Guo was thinking of that he wanted to do something that’s beneficial to the people and the society. It was such a coincidence that once he saw a middle-aged man being discouraged when he smoked cigarettes in public, he suddenly found that smoking control had become a topic of concern to the society. “I’ve investigated a data that there are 350 million smokers in China. About 1.2 million people die every year because of the diseases caused by smoking. This figure is also expanding year by year because smoking is not only harmful to people who smoke but also harmful to people around them. ” Guo was thinking if there any good ways to keep people away from tobacco and help people get rid of smoking addiction. Based on this idea, he began to keep testing, but the result was not so easy as he thought.

Guo talked about his initial experiment and said: “Through the experiment, I feel that my thoughts are too urgent. After investigations, I discovered that for people who smoked for a long time, it’s too difficult to quit. I began to change my mind, could I find some kind of alternatives for tobacco, or use some sort of science and technologies to isolate tar,  and carcinogens that endanger people? For smoking people, there is a smoking process, but the inhaled substances are safe and will not harm themselves and the surrounding people.”Once his thoughts were determined, he started to take active actions. “Hard work pays off!”through his multi-proving and his own research, and finally developed the heat without burning technology and gained the patent.

Heat without burning is the current internationally recognized as harm reduction smoking methods. Having the clue for the product made Guo so happy, but there was still a big problem in front of him which was the capital. With so much effort, just give up because of insufficient funds? This is by no means a matter that Guo will never do. Funds! Funds! Guo began to find funds bringing his products, perhaps it is “good people have good news.” When Guo was looking for money, Wu Zhaogan, the man who changed his life showed up.

Wu Zhaogan knew Guo Hongli very early and well. In his eyes, Guo is not only an earthquake warrior who is enthusiastic about public welfare and loves to help people, but also a thoughtful and creative person. After knowing the products designed by Guo, Wu felt that this was a product with great potentials and decided to invest in it. Finally, Shenzhen Yukan Technology Co., Ltd. was established. This is another successful venture that Guo created. His product, IUOC, has a unique segmented heating technology. Currently, only IUOC can achieve it worldwide. It not only succeeds in reducing the harmful components in tobacco mostly, but also benefits the Chinese smokers and even the world’s smokers. It succeeds in making people gradually stay away from cancer.

“Although I created this product which can help many people who love smoking to reduce the harm of tobacco to them, but I do not want to stop at this, IUOC is just my first step, I also want to try to make more scientific and technical products to serve the community and serve everyone”, said Guo Hongli.

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