Italian Team Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Improve Swim Training

Offers Audio Feedback for Programmable Training
Offers Audio Feedback for Programmable Training

Milan, ITALY, NOV 10, 2014 – One advantage other sports have over swimming has always been the ability to use electronic devices to get ahead.  With swimming, water and electronics can’t mix, or they couldn’t until now.  Now swimmers can have a virtual coach like everyone else, offering audible feedback and strapped to their arm with Xmetrics.  Xmetrics was designed by a professional swimmer, Andrea Binaldo, and he has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to finish the production line setup on Xmetrics, the Swimmers Activity Trainer.

Xmetrics is the world’s first wearable device that can be worn on the back of the head.  Extremely ergonomic and lightweight,  the  goggles can start without a swimmer having to push any buttons. Xmetrics records any single biomechanical parameters such as the number of strokes, time per lap, efficiency of one’s swimming technique and the quality of a flip turn providing real time audio feedback via an earplug.

With feedback directly while swimming, swimmers can analyze and share with friends or a professional coach all data when out of the swimming pool through software and apps specially developed for mobile devices and personal computers. Xmetrics is the  personal trainer who follows swimmers every step of their workout.

Angel investors helping fund the Xmetrics Activity Trainer for Swimmers Project campaign to the next level will be eligible for perks such as thank yous, $10 gift cards, Xmetrics goggles strings, Xmetrics black swim caps, $20 gift cards, 40$ early bird Xmetrics discounts, and Xmetrics in XPRO, XFIT and Custom editions.

The Xmetrics Activity Trainer for Swimmers team understand not everyone may be able to give money to help the Xmetrics Activity Trainer for Swimmers Project, so they ask that those who cannot give monetarily help by spreading the word about the Xmetrics Activity Trainer for Swimmers Project online through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or record a video challenge for Vine, Facebook or Instagram to invite friends to give to or share this IndieGoGo fundraiser. Include #SwimWithXmetrics in all posts.

For more information, visit Xmetrics – Activity Trainer for Swimmers

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