Helping Parents Keep An Eye On Their Kids Mobile

The spy app by iSpyoo LLC has emerged as a huge hit among parents of young kids from across the globe. They are able to keep an eye on the activities of the child via Smartphone.

A new Android and iOS based app by renowned provider iSpyoo LLC, has emerged as the preferred alternative when it comes to keeping an eye on the Smartphone related activities of their kids. Launched a couple of weeks ago, the app comes with a number of unique and amazing features not offered by any other app as available in the market.

Using the app, parents can check the GPS locations of their child any time they want to ensure the safety and well being. They can also keep a check on the websites visited to ensure that the child is not indulging in any activity he should not. In addition, the app can also be used for check Viber and Watsapp messages, SMS text messages, Facebook and Twitter messages, photos and videos saved in the phones well as memos, contacts and emails. Users can also block certain app from running in the mobiles of kids. Another option that is a first in the industry is the ability to view live screen and record surroundings with live panel option.

When contacted, a representative of the company said, “The app is certainly a big help for busy parents of the modern times. Not only they can be rest assured that the child is not indulging in any activity they do not want him or her to be, but can also keep a check on the child’s current location, record and hear surrounding sound end view live screens.” He further added, “We are working hard to improve the app further and release the updated version in near future.”

The app is also helpful for the employees when it comes to keeping an eye on day to day activities of employees and improving productivity. The app is also perfect for identifying cheating spouses.

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iSpyoo LLC, is a USA based company that stated operations in the year 2014.

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