Island of the Phoenix — A tale of Loyalty, Courage, Patriotism and Love

War is always considered to be awful, brutal and generally, this is the aspect of war that receives the spotlight in most war stories. Author Vic Mills brings you a story from the battlefront that doesn’t just present the ugly face of war but also demonstrates how all of us havesome greatness inside waiting to come out.

Vic’s latest novel,“Island of the Phoenix”, is an action-adventure survival story set during World War II. Captain Michael Hollands, U.S. Army, has been sent to fight the Japanese in the South Pacific. Through a series of twists & turns, he finds himself marooned with a handful of heroic survivors, after crash-landing on an unnamed island behind enemy lines. What’s in store for him& the Japanese Imperial Navymakes it almost impossible to put the book down without finishing. “Island of the Phoenix” takes readers through historical battles, detailed descriptions of fighter aircrafts mixed with a dash of romance.  This is a story of loyalty, leadership, patriotism, courage & love.

Vic Mills has already successfully authored a book previous to this one, “SNAFU”, published in 2001. This was a fictional account inspired by hisown experiences from his tour of duty in Vietnam.

Mills, was born in 1942 in Los Angeles, moving to Seattle in 1966. He served as an army MP in Vietnam, which inspired him to write SNAFU. Upon his return, he started his own vehicle consulting firm in 1984.

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Mills is promoting his new book with talks in Seattle area coffee houses, bookstores & retirement communities. To an interview, you can contact him at (425) 417-0520.

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