Is Exness a scam Forex broker? Should People trade in FXPRO?

Is Exness a scam broker? Do they have good spread and commissions for trading? Is there a welcome bonus? Sure, you may have many questions before you start investing with Exness.

Exness is a forex broker which is a type of broker that’s one of the most sought-after options. There are thousands of people who invest their money daily in these types of companies with the intention of obtaining large profits. But, watch out; risks can also be high.

These assets can be shares, currency pairs, metals, commodities, stock indices or projections of future costs, being a perfect option for investors seeking to be included in different markets.

Exness is a broker that’s more specialized in Forex, and one of the best at it. The conditions in the Forex trading in any of your accounts is excellent, especially in the ECN account, where the EUR/USD Exness spread is around 0 and the commission is quite attractive.

In addition, like any good Forex broker, Exness offers demo account to see their conditions live.

How does it work?

This type of broker earns by commissions or spreads according to the bases of the client’s account. In addition, when carrying out the business of CFDs no further formalities are needed.

The reason behind it is that the terms of the contracts are negotiated directly between the two parties.

For those who participate in this type of investment, the way to earn money is through changes in the cost of assets. However, this is a market that can be very volatile according to the state of the global economy.

Therefore, despite the projections that any analyst may have, there is no way to be 100% sure of the profitability of a certain transaction.

So, is it safe? Is Exness a scam?

The Exness group is licensed by the Cyprus supervisor, also known as CySEC, a body known in the business field for regulating and supervising the activities of different Forex worldwide.

In addition, this broker is a member of the Compensation Fund for Investors, which is responsible for protecting and guaranteeing the claims of customers, in addition to paying their money in case Exness or any other Forex broker can’t meet the payments and financial debts.

This is one of the Forex specialist brokers with the most significant growth in recent years, and one of the brokers called to lead the global retail Forex market in the future.

Nevertheless, that’s far from signifying that they haven’t reached milestones already. Exness is already one of the main brokers in the Asian region, and it’s growing very strong in the rest of the world.

The opinions of Exness are, in general, quite good, getting a good score on sites like ForexPeaceArmy, for example.

Part of that success has been achieved thanks to the excellent conditions they allow for in Forex trading and a good reputation with a lower number of complaints and problems than the industry average.

Investment risk

In general terms, it can be said that investment in the CFD market is very risky and not suitable for beginners. It’s better suited for those who have extensive experience in the world of economics and trading.

It is important to remember that most brokers offer accounts with high levels of leverage, where the initial investment is much lower than the market value of the selected asset. This makes it so that you could have a significant gain but there are also chances of having large losses.

As to which is the best of the CFD brokers, in the opinion of some people, there are many choices and debates among the Forex trading community.

However, the numbers and statistics don’t lie.

Among its competitors, Exness has managed to stand out in terms of great options, accessibility, security, and overall customer satisfaction.

Exness Services

Exness is a broker with some experience in the market, since it was founded in 2008 as a group, with the aim of allowing clients from all over the world to actively participate in the foreign currency markets. This company is willing to serve customers around the world, handling up to 18 languages, and by offering their service 24 hours a day, five days a week.

In addition, the levels of leverage offered allow users to manage different market strategies with large margins of advantage.

In an effort to meet the real needs of traders and to offer high quality services, the Exness specialists have introduced some important innovations. These changes refer to both the minimum deposit amounts and the set of accepted systems and the amount of leverage. These changes set a new standard for all companies in the sector.

In response to numerous customer requests, Exness has canceled the minimum deposits for Exness accounts. Now, to start operating with Exness, the customers can deposit any amount of money.

A big advantage for new customers is that the minimum deposits for Classic and ECN accounts have been reduced. Now, operating with a Classic account requires only a deposit of 2,000 USD, while for ECN accounts it is 300 USD. Incoming opening professional accounts become more affordable, and traders will be able to take advantage of Exness wide range of instruments and financial capabilities.

After finding out all the services that this broker has to offer, it appears that the Exness broker is very reliable.

However, scam or not, money is always destined towards the abyss if you don’t perform your research on market conditions and statistics. Exness has already laid out and offered some of the best conditions and tools among Forex brokers in the industry; it is up to you whether or not you decide to make good use of them.

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