Is Apple RAID not accessible anymore? Try DiskInternals data recovery software and worry no more.

DiskInternals Research has updated its disk recovery software: RAID Recovery™ and VMFS Recovery™. Now, they support restoring data from Apple RAID.

DiskInternals Research has updated its popular data recovery tools: VMFS Recovery™ and RAID Recovery™.

This software is now able to restore data from Apple RAID and perform data recovery very quickly.

Apple RAID is, technically, a software RAID array, created with the Disk Utility RAID Assistant on Mac OS. There are three types of RAID that can be created.

Need to recover lost files on Apple RAID or extract files from a failed RAID?

There is a great solution in recovering data from any type of RAID, including Apple RAID: DiskInternals RAID Recovery™. You can even recover data from the VMware® virtual file system running on RAID: by using DiskInternals VMFS Recovery™. These tools are designed to recover any type of file, including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pictures, videos, music, databases, etc.

RAID Recovery™ and VMFS Recovery™ software has lets you preview the recoverable files for free. This is an outstanding possibility to ensure you get your files back, even if your RAID is not accessible or your virtual machine has failed to load.

Features of DiskInternals software include:

  • An ability to recover data from virtually any type of RAID array, including Apple RAID arrays.

  • An ability to recover data from a VMware® virtual machine or from VMDK files.

  • An ability to preview recoverable files for free.

  • A simple and user-friendly interface that makes the recovery process easy to do.

Common cases that could be solved by DiskInternals software

If you need to repair corrupted VMFS files, there is VMFS Recovery™ software by DiskInternals, which offers a safe way to recover information stored on corrupted or damaged VMFS-formatted disks. The DiskInternals software performs VMware data recovery regardless of the reason for data loss. VMware recovery will be performed automatically, so even a regular person without special knowledge can do this process.

If there is a need to recover RAID dataof any type (documents, videos, music, etс.),  DiskInternals has a solution: RAID Recovery™. RAID Recovery™ software works both in fully automatic and manual mode. The type of an original RAID array will be detected automatically. RAID array data recovery in fully automatic mode can be accomplished even by a person who is not a specialist in the RAID recovery process.

About DiskInternals

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