iPledg — A platform which helps you follow your passion by getting funds for it

If you have a project but needs funding & you are looking for a platform that enables rising funds alongwith a fair, transparent & risk free process, iPledg can be the exact thing you are looking for. Founded by Bryan Vadas, iPledg is an Australian donation & reward based crowd funding platform for creative, commercial, charitable & community projects.

Crowd funding is basically a collective co-operation & trust by the people who connect through internet in order to support efforts or projects initiated by other people or organizations by funding them.

iPledg provides the project creators an easy online platform to raise money, enabling people to turn their passion into a funding campaign, promote their ideas, engage a fan base & get funded. As reported, this Aussie crowd funding platform charges 0% platform fee. This means that the project creator, neither need to pay anything to get his campaign listed nor does he need to pay any success fee. The only amount charged is the third party transaction fees of a couple of percent & only if the project or campaign meets or exceeds its target.

Reportedly, the process is very transparent & simple. The creator has to register to create a campaign & then engage his network to spread the word about the project.  The networking efforts matter as ipledg provides you the platform to get people engaged to your campaign. All you need is a well defined project, a realistic budget & time frame, good networking & promotion.

The project creator is intimated regularly through emails about the progress their campaign is making, to keep them informed & motivated. The platform provides an option to add rewards for the contributors in order to entice them for making contributions. The funds raised are realized to the project creator once the time period expires. It’s important to note that funds are realized only if the target is achieved. So start your campaign today & get funded.

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Phone: +61414635003
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