iPhone App Brings International Christmas Celebrations to You

Christmas & celebrations around the world in the Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) iStore in time for the holidays. Makes the perfect digital stocking stuffer.
Albert Einstain once said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be MORE intelligent, read them MORE fairy tales.”
That´s the philosophy we employed in creating “Xmas around the world.” It invites children to travel for a special view of Christmas and celebrations in other Continents and cultures. Turns out there is more than it meets the eye!

The app is available in the iStore at http://bit.ly/AppXmas

An iPhone app-reneur has made it her mission to teach children all over the world how other children celebrate Christmas.

“In Germany, St. Nicholas has the famous naughty and nice list in his book,” says Camila Echavarria the creator of the app, “If nice, the boy or girls gets a gift. If not his helper, Knecht Ruprecht, torments the child with birch branches and rusty chains.”

That’s not the only place with unique traditions.

The Nativity scene in Cataluña, Spain contains The Caganer. The Caganer is presented pants down, backside bare and defecating. “The Caganer surprises travelers because it’s a wish for good luck,” she says. He’s fertilizing the earth to ensure a good harvest in the coming year.”

On the use of technology to bring a multicultural flavor to Christmas, Echavarria find that it is “just another extension of how smart phone and the Internet are making us a global community.”

“With the Xmas app, children will be able to travel around the world and experience international Christmas celebrations,” she said.

Echavarria admits you might not get your cell phone back for a while. “Children love the stories of Christmas”, she said. “It’s best to introduce the app on the drive to wherever in the world you plan to celebrate this year.”

The app is available for immediate download in the Apple Store or by visiting http://bit.ly/AppXmas

Features & Elements:

•  Travel through Eight Christmas and other winter celebrations around the world.

•  Experience cultures, legends, music, stories and other historical facts.

•  Fun for infants and adults of all ages.

•  Equipped with more than 100 vivid and witty hidden animations.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/VyMlYCXorkQ

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