i-Ox Smartphone Grip – New Way of Using Your Device

GIC Nexus introduces the i-Ox – the First Smartphone Grip in the world using new enhanced vacuum technology that seamlessly attaches itself to any smartphone or any other handheld device with a smooth surface.

The future of smartphone handling and usability is finally here in the form of the new i-Ox Smartphone Grip. For anyone that has been searching for that one perfect accessory that serves an actual purpose while adding a unique look to your device, the i-Ox Smartphone Grip is the one to consider. To bring the i-Ox into production, the company started a Kickstarter campaign: click here.

As one of the most multifunctional phone accessories that the electronics industry has ever seen, this all new add-on allows you to grip your phone by using just one of your fingers, giving you a more free experience that was previously not sought out in the market. i-Ox provides its users with a wide range of different benefits. Without question, the biggest benefit that this device offers is the ability to give you an easier smartphone experience than ever before. This is especially important for anyone that frequently needs to multitask while using their phone or other handheld device. Regardless of whether you are exercising, watching television, eating or getting dressed, the i-Ox will allow you to perform any job easier while you keep hold of your device. Adding to this benefit, GIS Nexus has made the i-Ox extremely easy to use with effortless handling and an exceptional grip capability, not mentioning that you can simultaneously use it as a stand.

With its unparalleled functionality, the i-Ox Smartphone Grip offers extreme stability, a sleek design and the freedom to multitask by enabling a completely convenient operation. As hinted by its name, this multipurpose accessory is so versatile that it can also act as a stand for your device.

More information about the product and the Kickstarter campaign can be found here.


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