IoT Gardens, Inc Launch A Digital Device Capable Of Making Innovative Growth In Hydroponic Environments & Indoor Gardens.

Autonomous Cultivation Devices That Report Real-Time Analytics Via The Track Your Tree Mobile Application, Available On iOS And Android Platforms.

Aug 02, 2017 – IoT Gardens, Inc unveils the irrevocably, state-of-the-art, and a dynamic device called the “Autonomous Cultivation Controller” allowing growers to automate pH level thresholds for a hydroponic reservoir. This is a device provides fresh technology in a dull hydroponics industry, and unprecedented change which is capable of taking the indoor garden to a new world global standard.

From the content in the website: “The Autonomous Cultivation Controller allows a grower to set ideal pH level thresholds for a hydroponic reservoir. When the pH probe senses the reservoir pH levels are out of range, the peristaltic pump(s) will automatically turn on, dosing the hydroponic reservoir with pH Up (alkaline) or pH Down (acid) to bring the reservoir pH levels to the previously set range.”

Hands down IoT Gardens, Inc has got a sophisticated and a well proven device that could generate efficient gardening techniques for users in the agricultural business.

This is a top-notch device, tested and trusted to regulate the several mechanisms of cultivation; including physical, graphical, a nd statistical observation in a hydroponic environment.

Mixing both scientific strategies and results oriented insight; IoT Gardens, Inc is set to share their unique blend of experiential and pragmatic methods for expecting a product that you have been looking for to make your indoor garden a game-changer.

The Autonomous Cultivation Controller is a device capable of generating numerical records, summaries of hydroponic pH data, and light intensity values as well as control nutrient and pH pumps with the tap of a button.

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