Ion Motivators Offers Motivational Performance Products Including Weight-Loss Reminder Bands, Preferred by Pro Athletes

Ion Motivators is a brand of athletic lifestyle performance products that supplies athletes around the world with premium products to help increase motivation and performance. The prime focus of the brand is to provide its customers with products that deliver motivational messages while combining quality and style. Due to their quality and unique nature Ion Motivator products are favored by Pro Athletes from around the world, in addition people from all walks of like have chosen the products due to their capability to provide a constant motivational reminder to help assist users in achieving whatever it is they are looking to attain with positive affirmations, including weight loss.

The name Ion Motivators is derived by the products’ unique feature: containing negative Ion. The Ion Motivator spokesperson explained: “Our powerful Ion Motivator Wristbands contain negative ions which are produced by naturally occurring minerals.  Negative ions are odorless, tasteless and invisible charged air particles produced in nature which can have positive effects on some users.  Negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin which can help you feel refreshed, relieve stress and boost daytime energy.”

Negative Ion are generally perceived to be highly beneficial for health, they help in alleviating performance affecting issues such as headaches, sleepiness, low attention spans and sense of feeling unwell. These issues are also the most common problems that prevent people from staying committed to their weight loss goals. Ion Motivator Products including weight-loss reminder bands deliver all these benefits of Negative Ions and are also available in many different colors and motivational messages that enables their customer to choose a product that best suits their taste and needs.

The company spokesperson further added: “Our mission is to positively impact athletes to reach their maximum potential on and off the field in their sport and everyday lives. The athletic backgrounds of our staff and athletes we work with help us design our products to the exact specifications that pro and amateur athletes need and desire to help them perform at their best.  We care about our customers and will continue to expand our product lines to keep everyone we come in contact motivated in all that they do.”

The long list of Pro Athletes that have chosen to trust Ion Motivator products over others includes:

Darrelle Revis – Professional Football Cornerback (NY Jets)
Dez Bryant – Professional Football Wide Receiver (Dallas Cowboys)
Taj Gibson – Professional Basketball Power Forward (Chicago Bulls)
Tim Hardaway Jr. – Professional Basketball Shooting Guard (Atlanta Hawks, formerly NY Knicks)
Stephanie Smith – Professional Golfer
Terann Hilow – International Model

About: is an athletic lifestyle performance brand that supplies athletes around the world with premium products to help increase motivation and performance. Their products include wristbands, compression sleeves and apparel.

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