Introducing with you the famous Marvel Hero — Winter Soldier

May 12, 2015 – America – The winter warrior who is also known as “winter soldier” is one of the superhero Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This character was formerly known as “Bucky Barnes” who is the closest ally of our familiar superhero Captain America Steve. In the movie “Captain America 1”, due to an accident, Bucky lost his left arm and their enemy transplant mechanical armor and do brainwashing to him before frozen up. In “Captain America 2”, Bucky has been thawed and named as “winter soldier” and appears as the villain to fight against Captain America.

As the introduction of famous cosplay costumes online seller, Bucky is Captain America’s partner to help the captain on the battlefield to do some less “American Idol” work, such as IGI, assassination and others. During a dangerous mission which content is to kill red skull, he want to save his own captain and then picked up the captain’s shield to resist the enemy. The enemy laid him down the cliff. However, after being rescued by the adversary which is the Former Soviet government, Bucky was fitted with an electronic arm him and use by his ability to quickly learn and remember the soviet government start the “Winter Warrior” program and Bucky became blind allegiance to the killer.

After the Winter Warrior program, the former Soviet Union General Lukin implanted spirit controller in his brain to let him become loyal puppet and ordered him to kill some enemies such as the heads of the United States and then Bucky inevitably met again with captain America.

During their battle, the captain has been attacked by the virus weapon from the Red Skull and then Captain could not win this battle. On the other hand, Iron Man’s missiles vaccine has also been caught by Bucky. As the introduction of famous supplier for Anime costumes for sale, at this time, Bucky seem to remember something about his past with Captain America and the battle is end by the missing of Bucky. At last, Bucky become the second Captain America after the death of Steve.

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