Introducing the Healthiest Probiotic Milk on the Planet with Amazing Health Benefits

Now on Kickstarter Seeking Funds for Large Scale Production, Packaging, Logistics and International Delivery

AMAZAKE is the latest probiotic drink with amazing health benefits. Named as the healthiest milk on planet, this probiotic drink is made up of three ingredients – brown rice, rice malt and water. The drink is 100% vegan, gluten-free, healthy and mind-blowingly delicious. What makes this drink so special is that it is made using a several year old fermentation technique native to Japan. The product contains no artificial sweeteners or added sugars. The process ensures that the drink has enough sugar to please the taste buds. The benefits of this drink are that it is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It supports energy production, boosts the immune system and improves metabolism.

The product was designed by Shizuka Nishino from Tokyo, Japan. Shizuka is an individual whose passion lies in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and make healthy products available for people far and wide. With a fascination for organic food and superfoods, Shizuka has developed AMAZAKE. This amazing drink has to reach millions of health conscious people across the world. That is why the project is now available on Kickstarter for crowdfunding to clear milestones such as production and packaging; formation of LLC; launching an e-commerce website; finding optimal logistics from Japan to USA; and to travel to USA for making the sales pitch. The funds will also be used for production and shipment, packaging, sending samples, for incorporation fee and to meet Kickstarter commission and rewards expenses.

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AMAZAKE is a probiotic drink developed by Shizuka Nishino from Tokyo, Japan. This amazing drink comes with tons of health benefits. The product was developed with a mission to spread a message about positive eating habits and how they can positively impact the lifestyle as well as the environment.

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