Introducing Break the Rules! First Hilarious Video Release

Break the Rules! Is a trio of talented, young performers who create a hilarious, witty, and comical video when their parents leave them home alone.

In this amazing, funny YouTube video, three young friends are looking for something to do on a boring afternoon while they are home alone.  Suddenly, they have a wonderful idea: break the rules by doing things they would not be allowed to do if their parents were home.

At first, the trio decides to do something every kid wants to do but is never allowed:  blow bubbles into their drink with a straw. They enjoy this for a few minutes, but then The Golden Apple Air poses the question, “What are we going to do if our parents come?”

So, all three put on make-up to resemble bruises and missing teeth.  As they sit and moan, those watching can’t help but laugh.

Who doesn’t hate being woken up in the morning by their parents, especially when they are so toasty warm in their bed?  The young thespians then mimic how their parents wake them up in the morning in creative ways.

Finally, the decided to give an “honest” look into how their parents act during the day.  

  • The Golden Apple Air shows us how his father screams and yells at the soccer game on television.

  • The Infinity Queen reenacts her mother having tea and biscuits in front of the computer, all while ordering pizza on her cell phone.

  • Pro Golden Minecart dons a pair of sunglasses and yells at the cellphone to his son who wrecked his car, grounding him for “seven-hundred-thousand-million years.”

The Break the Rulesgang’s first video is sure to bring a smile to every viewers face.  

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