International Psychic And Medium, Sharon Bauer Releases Life Eternal, Love Immortal: A Medium Touched by Love

Ms. Bauer’s New Book Offers Hope In Light Of Loss

USA – The question of what happens after death has plagued humanity since its very beginning – but noted international psychic and medium Ms. Sharon Bauer has found the answers through her gift of communicating with the deceased and helping thousands of clients witness how the strong bonds of love transcend the physical realm. Putting her experiences and client stories to paper, Ms. Bauer recently made her literary debut with Life Eternal, Love Immortal: A Medium Touched by Love, a book that deconstructs the mystery of death as the great unknown, demonstrating how the dead communicate through her to send their messages of affection to loved ones.

“This book is the culmination of over 40 years of working in psychic counseling and mediumship with clients from all around the world. It is my wish for readers to see how they, too, can witness the transforming power of reaching out to a deceased loved one to tie up loose ends, find answers to unanswered questions, and receive closure. All it takes is making the decisive move to attend a mediumship session. I am always open to sharing my gift with anyone in need of my services, and I look forward to receiving feedback from the book’s readers” said Ms. Bauer.

Life Eternal, Love Immortal: A Medium Touched by Love is available in both Kindle and paperback editions on, while it can also be purchased from Aquarius Books and Gifts where she appears the first Saturday of every month for sessions.  Ms. Bauer offers personalized, signed copies upon request, at her seminars or appearances at bookshops, by either calling her at 541-830-0459 or emailing her through her website.  

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