Inter Growth Investment offers the public opportunities in safe investment vehicles

Leading investment and wealth managers, Inter Growth Investment, offers the public unique and profitable investment opportunities to be a part of the equity market

Inter Growth Investment is described by many as the largest private placement and Pre IPO broker. The company has announced the opening of its doors to investors not only in Hong Kong but across the globe with its initial public offering, allowing investors to take opportunity of one of the most profitable safe investment vehicles.

Inter Growth Investment is a reputable company known for its reliability and proficiency in helping clients making profitable investment decisions. This is particularly due to the company’s team of highly-experienced and qualified industry specialists that has helped it complete hundreds of private placements valued at over $15 billion.

The company’s record breaking strategy allows investors to place themselves in IPOs, with a process that makes it extremely easy and practically teaches anyone how to buy IPOs stock. Investing in IPOs used to be a bit of a gamble particularly for new investors and persons that are not particularly familiar with the stock market. In most cases, this has resulted in such investors losing their hard-earned money.

However, with the investment giant opening its doors to new and even established investors, the opportunity to be a part of an IPO predicted to be one of the 3 largest IPOs to debut in the United States and Hong Kong in 2018.

Being a part of IGI makes the process of investing in Hong Kong easier, but more importantly, profitable. Inter Growth Investment offers a wide range of services that include providing equity reports that ensures investors get detailed and updated information on the happenings in the stock market. This allows investors to make timely and informed decisions, consequently leading to profitable investments.

In addition to its IPO service, IGI also offers a wide range of transparent solutions to any financial obstacle, helping to reduce the risks involved for all parties in any merger and acquisition as well as initial public offerings. This service also ensures a smooth, correct and efficient transition process.

IGI’s initial public offerings, where it offers private placement products, helps to significantly increase investment returns, as opposed to entering into the investment vehicle at the point of listing is one of the distinct services from the investment services provider.

“Our company has seen rapid growth due to the due diligence and careful planning of our senior analyst who has not only cherry-picked some of the finest investment vehicles to date but has provided IGI with the platform to continue our success for our company and of course our highly valued clients across all divisions. It must also be said that we have a team of 100 very hard working and passionate asset managers, who provide a full brokerage service to in excess of 3000 clients,” says Martin Lung, the Chief Financial Officer.

About Inter Growth Investment

Inter Growth Investment is a financial services provider founded in 1971. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company has helped to engineer several investment deals valued at billions of dollars thanks to its team of highly qualified and respected team of industry specialists.

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