IntelliGrape Launches Adobe AEM and Cassandra AWS Test Drives

Test Drives demonstrate features of Adobe AEM and Cassandra for enterprises underpinned by the Cloud Infrastructure of Amazon Web Services.

New Delhi, August 20, 2014 – IntelliGrape, the technology arm of TO THE NEW group, today announced the launch of Adobe AEM and Cassandra Test Drives on AWS platform. The AWS Test Drives provide preconfigured, ready-to-use, private IT sandbox environments that are provided to customers free of charge to help them learn about, experience, and evaluate software solutions on the AWS Cloud prior to making a purchase decision.

The Adobe AEM and Cassandra AWS Test Drives are significant in particular, as they will help organizations get firsthand experience on Big Data poweress of Cassandra and superior content management of Adobe AEM supported by AWS Cloud infrastructure. Through these Test Drives, one can directly login into these enterprise level solutions and explore real-life deployments.

“We are elated to launch these Test Drives, which we believe will help organizations get hands-on experience by virtually experiencing the Cloud setup,” said Narinder Kumar, Head of Engineering, IntelliGrape. “The customers can register, customize and launch these real enterprise solutions within an hour and test them at no cost,” he added further.

Adobe AEM Test Drive on AWS

Through IntelliGrape’s AEM Test Drive, one can experience the integration between Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Apache Solr, an innovative solution demonstrating the best of breed content management and superior search capability. This AWS Test Drive lets the user easily create content and have it indexed by Apache Solr, which would appear in search results when searched via relevant keywords in almost real-time. This is particularly useful for enterprises requiring superior authoring and advanced search requirements. The Test Drive lab includes complimentary AWS server time and is provisioned to customers in minutes.

Cassandra Test Drive on AWS

IntelliGrape’s Cassandra Test Drive is an ideal solution for organizations interested in evaluating Cassandra’s capabilities with regards to storing large data sets, its high availability features and ease of deployment and management of Cassandra cluster in AWS cloud infrastructure.

With this Test Drive, the user will get a good overview of Cassandra, its live cluster and reporting systems. The solution also lets the user play with pre-loaded data sets through custom web application built for evaluation and experience purpose.

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IntelliGrape Software is a premium and an innovative technology company that conceives, develops and manages high quality applications for web, mobile, cloud and social media platforms. IntelliGrape is a global leader in Groovy and Grails development and is one of the earliest adopters of Node.js, a JavaScript framework, apt for building highly scalable applications. With expertise in Big Data consulting and implementation, IntelliGrape has assisted its clients derive business insights from huge amount of data. IntelliGrape is also an Advanced Consulting Partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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