Integrity Home Pro Shares Telltale Signs It’s Time to Remodel

Integrity Home Pro discusses some of the primary motivators to pursue a home remodeling project.

Many homeowners dream of one day remodeling their kitchen or their bathroom, but when is the best time to pull the trigger? There are some common, telltale signs that the optimal time to remodel has arrived. In a new statement to the press, Integrity Home Pro shares some of these signs.

“Timing is an important part of the remodeling process,” comments Danny Peterson, the founder of Integrity Home Pro. “Wanting to remodel and being in a position to do the job well are not the same thing. Sometimes remodeling becomes necessary, and in other instances it is simply optimal.”

Necessity is certainly a common reason to remodel. “You may find yourself with bathroom fixtures that no longer work, for instance,” Peterson remarks. “It may be that there is simply no way around having some work done in your home—so why not go ahead and get the full remodel that you’ve always dreamed of?”

Changing family needs can also point toward the need to remodel. “Is your home no longer sufficient for your family’s needs? If so, then you may wish to remodel,” Peterson affirms. “A new baby, an elderly family member who has moved in with you—these things can point to the need for more space, or simply for some rearranged space.”

Conversely, a house that feels empty may also benefit from remodeling. “A lot of ‘empty nesters’ turn their attention to remodeling, making better use of space that once held children’s rooms,” Peterson suggests.

Finally, some homeowners remodel because their home just feels out of step with the times. “If you feel like your home is stuck in another decade, then it’s definitely time to consider remodeling the place,” Peterson concludes.

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Integrity Home Pro is a home improvement and remodeling company based in Baltimore and serving the surrounding area. The company was founded by Danny Peterson, with the mission of being a positive alternative to other, less-than-reputable remodeling companies. Since its founding, Integrity Home Pro has made a name for itself on the basis of its transparency, its peerless warranties, its exceptional customer service, and its strict adherence to the Golden Rule.

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