Aids 7/10 of the United States with a 1 Year Reprieve from Obamacare

Imminent changes to health insurance plans and rates, plus the added threat of incurring IRS tax penalties for not having creditable health insurance coverage in 2014, poses a great deal of anxiety for some individuals and families. However, a new website,, has come to the rescue of 7/10 of the United States by allowing adults to gain a 1 year reprieve from the full impact of the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare with select insurance carriers.

Major U.S. health insurance carriers wish to inform the public about their 1 year extension of 2013 benefits by verbally explaining the process to everyone interested in signing up before year’s end.  Yet these same companies will not promote this vital information through advertisements for the benefit of the consumer.

This need to both inform and save people from the debacle caused by the U.S. Government in the under age 65 health insurance market has prompted Mr. R. Girard, a licensed independent health insurance agent, to expand his Self-Serve Insurance® website to enable families and individuals in 34 states including the nation’s capital: Washington D.C., to shop for health insurance and enroll online anytime.

“Being forced to buy health insurance you don’t want, at a price you can’t afford, or suffering the consequences from the IRS is a nightmare for some people,” states Mr. Girard.  “That’s why I want everyone to know about my 100% Self-Serve Insurance® website that can help individuals and families across the U.S. get the coverage they need at the lowest possible prices, while legally avoiding the 2014 tax penalty, from some of the most well-known A-rated health insurance companies in the nation.”

Visitors logging onto will be worry-free in terms of signing up with the wrong insurance company.   There are search tools for consumers to discover which doctors and hospitals in their area will accept their new insurance carrier, plus anyone searching the website for long term health insurance within their particular state will only find national carriers that offer a full one year extension of benefits.  That 1 year extension varies by company and by state; however, offering assistance to the residents of over 30 states represents a significant breakthrough for the website and for Mr. Girard. is also a breakthrough for those who have been waiting to enroll online in a truly affordable healthcare plan, as well as those whose health insurance policies were unexpectedly cancelled and now need a new plan right away.

As online privacy has become ever so crucial, Mr. Girard promises a Guaranteed “No Hassles” Privacy Policy for everyone who resides within the covered 34 states + D.C.   This assures each guest that no third parties are given or sold the personal information they enter online in order to run their free quotes.

To top it all off, visitors need not be intimidated with the learning curve associated with choosing and buying their own insurance via the Self-Serve Insurance® platform because offers informative videos, definitions of health insurance terminology, and FAQs for more information.

While the website makes it possible for citizens throughout the majority of the United States to personally choose their own plans, at a price that fits their budget, while extending their benefits through December 2014, they must also comply with certain requirements.

First, new enrollees must be healthy enough to pass through underwriting.   Some pre-existing conditions could result in higher premiums or a denial of coverage.  Second, everyone must sign up within the allotted period of time with a December 2013 effective date.   These final dates vary by company, as early as Dec. 15 or as late as Dec. 31.  Therefore timing, at this point, is now critical.

To see which companies and states offer this time-sensitive opportunity, log on to

About aims to aid individuals and families across the country in finding and signing up for truly affordable health insurance plans completely online.

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