San Francisco, CA – April 4, 2017 – Omniquo, a full-service, applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) Company that specializes in designing and developing AI applications based on its powerful platform for companies around the world, this week released their latest revolutionary product, InsideIQ.  InsideIQ provides business and brand owners with a reliable way to engage with their leads and prospects to generate sales qualified leads via virtual sales assistant that interact with leads and carry bi-direction conversations via email or SMS.

Born from a passion for harnessing the technological and productive potential of integrated AI into platforms for every international industry, Omniquo developed InsideIQ to provide business owners with a smart technology capability that will not only nurture leads, but also schedule meetings when a lead is about to become a sale.

“With InsideIQ, the AI brain identifies motive, intent and timeliness for a purchase intent, the virtual assistant then schedules meetings with the sales managers that he or she is working for,” said ‘Sunny’ Hemant Gosain, Chairman and CEO of Omniquo. “Once the meeting is scheduled, InsideIQ updates the Sales CRM system with the lead information and conversation to ensure the the sales manager has complete information to close the sale. It’s a start-to-finish AI approach to how businesses attract, entice, and convert leads at every level of the funnel. The system is not intended to replace  the warmth of live human interactions instead the system strives to make the live human interaction more gainful & productive by obviating the mundane tasks of sifting through thousands of emails to culminate into a meaningful engagement,” continued Sunny.

The system automates the process of transforming marketing qualified leads (MQL) to sales qualified leads (SQL) a function traditionally handled by Sales Development Representative who can now focus on more productive tasks.

Notable benefits from using InsideIQ include the flexibility to integrate the technology into existing marketing automation systems, sales CRM systems, increasing the sale’s manager’s capacity by adding as many of these sales assistants as they choose, increasing customer satisfaction as the engagement happens accurately and immediately, providing 24/7 support, 365 days per year, providing global growth support that nurtures company expansion, and so much more.

“This technology will function as an expertly accurate, 24-7 sales support feature that provides consumers with the immediate answers, support, and attention they desire,” said Anand Nukala, Director of Business Development and Product Marketing for Omniquo. “It will not only answer their every request, but it will also draw from its AI technology to learn more about the consumer needs as the conversation progresses, helping the sales manager in closing out the deal.”

InsideIQ will provide businesses with the ability to create as many virtual assistants as they see fit, typically one for each sales manager based on territory. They are then integrated into already existing email, chat, and SMS systems. Once integrated, the virtual assistants can be configured based on conversations with customers until opportunity identification.

Additional benefits of using InsideIQ include consistency in conversations with clients, saved conversations with every virtual assistant interaction, support with cleaning lead lists, increased ROI with 24-7 virtual assistant support, expanded sales reach, addressing team churn, increased conversion across different stages of the sales funnel, reduction in support response times, increased customer satisfaction ratings, and the list goes on.

“AI technology is the future, and we’re here to make it easily accessible for sales and marketing teams to harness it’s power,” said Anand Nukala. “Why settle for less sales when it’s possible to increase sales pipeline using tools like the virtual assistants? The company has formalized partnerships with leading cloud based providers and sales automation systems.

InsideIQ is available at a simple, 3-tiered pricing structure, starting at $499 per month for 500 conversations. The technology can be integrated in 24-hours or less once an interest is filed.

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