Innovative Treatment for Speech, Language & Learning Difficulties

When it comes to treating speech, language and learning difficulties, there is no doubt that there are many different approaches. Traditionally, therapies for speech, language and learning difficulties zero in quickly on one potential cause of the difficulty and then attempt to correct that one thing.

The problem with this approach is that the brain is a complex neural network, directing and communicating with the body in myriad ways. By looking at a problem in isolation, many treatment approaches fail to recognize the different areas of the brain – and the physical and neural systems – that contribute to a specific skill. They are so focused on the problem that they miss the bigger picture.

Innovative treatments for speech, language and learning difficulties start by evaluating all areas of weakness, seeking to gain an understanding of how weaknesses in different parts of the brain and body contribute to one or more particular difficulties. Because the brain is such a complex organ, it makes sense to approach speech, language and learning difficulties in a holistic way. That means that cognitive, physical, and even emotional factors need to be considered when developing a treatment for speech, language and learning difficulties.

Experts in Speech, Language & Learning

In Toronto, the Therapy Spot is the premier center for the innovative treatment for speech, language and learning difficulties. They have a comprehensive approach to assessment, analysis and treatment that is unlike more traditional therapies. Yet also unlike other approaches, the experts at the Therapy Spot consistently achieve great outcomes for a wide range of speech, language and learning difficulties. They adhere to an evidence-based approach that carefully gathers information about the difficulty, analyzes the results, and then develops a treatment plan that addresses all of the areas of weakness.

Some of the speech conditions that the experts of the Therapy Spot evaluate and treat include:

  • Phonemic or Phonological Disorder
  • Apraxia
  • Hearing for speech and language
  • Stuttering
  • Dysarthria
  • Accent Reduction

The experts at the Therapy Spot also treat a range of language and learning difficulties, which include:

  • Reading, Writing, Understanding
  • Hearing & Processing of speech sounds
  • Making Friends
  • Attention, Memory, Executive Function
  • Public Speaking & Corporate Speaking

No matter what kind of speech, language or learning difficulty is identified, the Therapy Spot’s innovative approach to assessment and treatment offers hope for real and lasting improvement.

The Therapy Spot is the product of founder Simone Friedman’s dream to open a clinic providing evidence-based treatment to individuals of all ages with cognitive, communication and learning difficulties. Opened in 2012 in downtown Toronto, the Therapy Spot uses an innovative approach to achieve excellent outcomes for a wide range of conditions. Their world-class facility features the latest in therapy resources.

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