Innovative Program by Singapore Government for Small and Medium Business Enterprises Singapore

25 July 2016

Singaporean Government has been helping their businesses organizations and this is what has made them one of the highest growing economies all around the world.

In a bid to beat the worldwide competition and retain their high ranks as a dynamic and strong economy, the Singapore Government has announced yet another grant that will help the small and medium enterprises to grow and flourish at least expenses. The grant termed as “Capability Development grant – CDG” will provide financial assistance to the businesses to build their capabilities and raise the standards of their services at fractions of the input prices.

The CDG grant ensures to promote and raise funds for more than 70% cost of the quantitative projects training, certification, increasing productivity, product development, process improvement and market access. The grant comes with its own set of limitations and conditions that must necessarily be completed in order to avail the grant.

From productivity to innovation improvement, the Capability and Development grant will provide support to several activities with a solo aim of viewing the Small and Medium enterprises grow. The grant is aimed to help them improve their business capabilities. One needs to complete the application procedure in order to enroll and proper and thorough checking of the project will be made before giving you the lease of the grant.

The government has taken this step to promote their small and medium businesses organizations to bring innovative and improved operations and also improve their own level of services. The company essentially must be having 30% shares of the local, registered and operating in Singapore and must be having less than 200 employees overall.

Some of the development areas include Intellectual Property and Franchising, Financial Management, Service Excellence, Human Capital Development, and others. Overall the grant can be touted to help a lot of companies to avail extended services at affordable prices and enhance their organizational capabilities without thinking of the overall expenditure.

If you want to enroll for the grant then you can switch to the CDG Grant Program, a portal that helps the companies to get through the grant without too much documentation. The enhanced funding option will be available for next three years until 31 March. This can also be deemed as an opportunity for the companies to grow locally and globally. In order to encourage more SMEs to build the business capabilities, the process of application of the grant support of S$30,000 or less.

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