Innovative Comfy-Snug Drawstring Bedsheets Launch Soon On Indiegogo To Fund Product Line Expansion.

There is now an answer to the age old problem of waking up on wrinkled, bunched up sheets or finding yourself on the bare mattress after the sheet has popped off, especially with restless sleepers where elastic edged sheets just don’t hold.

Like with sweat pants, duffle bags and ironing board covers, the natural, simple answer is the drawstring. Drawstrings should have been holding bedsheets on all along.

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The problem is also expanding with the increasing use of adjustable beds where the obsolete elastic design just can’t stand up to the tension of adjusting the head and foot of the bed up and down. And with foam mattresses, where the sleeper sinks into the mattress dragging the sheet with them, the failure of the outdated elastic design is further exposed.

The problems are well known as the sales of clips, straps, suspenders and pins have exploded with areas in many bedding stores dedicated to the failed elastic remedies.

Mattress Thickness Effecting Fit Is Now Mostly Over!

Selecting sheets also has the very disappointing result where the shopping choice is upset when you get home by the mattress depth not matching the tailoring of the sheet. The drawstring allows a very wide range of adjustability compensating for the wildly different depths of mattresses on today’s beds. CLICK HERE for video demonstration.

What Customers Are Saying

My husband’s days of pulling the bottom sheet into his nest are over!! These sheets stay put!!… With these sheets he has not been able to budge them while sleeping. The first sheets in 20 years that have been able to do that,” was said in one Amazon customer review.

We have a king size adjustable bed and so normal fitted sheets are all but useless and annoying. These sheets are the answer. They fit perfectly snug around all sides of your mattress and they are soft,” says another Amazon user of Comfy-Snug bedsheets.

Comfy-Snug bedsheets are already in production, having sold over 5,000 units. The Indiegogo launch is a great opportunity for everyone to get Comfy –Snug bedsheets at a great discount.

Everyone knows how nice it is to slide into a bed that was just made. The innovative Comfy-Snug Drawstring Bed Sheets give that ‘just-made feeling” night after night.

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