Innovative child’s travel tray improves journeys for entire family

Cedandyvo’s innovative Travel Tray for Kids, which makes travelling more pleasant for the entire family, is now featured on Amazon, announced Akwasi Ofori, Cedandyvo CEO.

“Although we just recently began selling on Amazon, our Travel Tray for Kids is about to make Amazon’s list of top-selling products in its category,” Ofori said.

“When we set out to design our travel tray, we knew we had to make it great for both kids and parents. One of our major design features was to give it a lip on the side of the tray that faces the child. This keeps food and toys from dumping over into the kid’s lap,” Ofori explained.

“We noticed that other trays were either too soft and folded under the weight of toys and food or too hard, which can cause injuries if there’s ever an accident, so we focused on giving our travel tray a soft – but sturdy – top,” the CEO continued.

Other features include strong buckles and sturdy side walls that keep food, toys, and drawing implements on the tray and within reach of the child, Ofori said. The side walls also let kids prop up electronic devices to the ideal viewing angle. The tray also includes built-in pockets that are handy for storing pencils, crayons, and favorite toys, and its solid flat surface allows children to do school work while on the go.

No matter how families are traveling – automobile, plane, or train – a travel activity and snack tray organizer can make the journey much more pleasant for both the children and their parents. “With their toys easily accessible, children stay occupied and parents are spared from so many of the ‘Are we almost there?’ inquiries,” Ofori said.

Another bonus for parents is that Cedandyvo’s Travel Tray for Kids keeps snack foods and drinks from falling into their children’s laps. This eliminates “clean up” time and clothes changes, assuring them that their children will be ready to visit or play virtually as soon as they reach their destination. Consistent use of the travel tray also keeps the car much cleaner, saving families time and money on interior detailing services and preventing upholstery and carpet stains, which lower the value of the vehicle.

More information and pictures of Cedandyvo’s Travel Tray for Kids are available at

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