Innovation and Growth in a Digital World

Money Never Sleeps Radio host Louis Velazquez touches on the digital world thats coming, from Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency to Gaming and Virtual Reality

The world is changing and has been since the advent of Henry Fords assembly line and in most recent history the layer on top of the Internet called the World Wide Web. There has always been innovation via technology in most industries that have led the world into the digital age. The world as we know it has been getting smaller and smaller as connection and communication has expanded, the need to see someone physically has been drastically reduced over the past decade.

Whether we are talking about public social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat or communication platforms such as Whatsapp, Telegram and soon Megahoot, this innovation has made it so easy to connect globally, become more informed and innovate like never before, if used correctly.

Social media has grown to be an ego driven machine on a public individual level, meaning that many people that use it use to share their daily exploits while others use it as a self esteem satisfying vehicle, sharing photos that may show much more than they do in real life. Some people have used this vehicle to generate substantial income on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, some of the featured channels can lock in as much as six figures on a monthly basis just by using the vehicle correctly.

Video gaming is growing by large margins where some events can fill stadiums just to watch people play video games. It sounds amazing but if you think about it then it’s really not far fetched. Being able to communicate globally via the internet is not a new concept, I was doing this in the 1980’s but it’s as easy as turning on a headset today, so it has made it feasible to connect to millions worldwide if you appeal to what they like. A platform such as Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, has given gamers an opportunity to reach the world like never before, become pseudo celebrities solely by having a unique personality and bringing it to their viewers as they are playing games live. At one point this was only possible in the movies but now it’s just possible in general and getting more intense, especially with virtual reality coming into the picture.

Its evident that virtual reality will be taking big leaps in 2018 and take gaming, the health industry and business in general to new heights. Just imagine being able to sit in on a board meeting virtually without having to leave your home or office. I’m no just talking about a conference call but you virtually being at the conference table. Again if used properly it can lead to a better quality of life by allotting more family time, as long as parents now when to shut it down for everyone on a daily.

Shutting down, what a concept, to shutdown from the internet for a couple of hours a day to create more quality time with what is most important to you. Think about it, for those that are very in tune to their health and well being, they have to shutdown to work out, don’t they? Well mobile apps still keep them connected and those training videos posted on social media don’t happen on their own but taking that out of the equation there is a level of shutting down that occurs, it does for me.

In the coming 12-24 months we will see more of the larger technology companies venturing not only into blockchain technology but also into cryptocurrency, yes I said cryptocurrency. The reason being is that this is where the world is going, there will be a tightening of regulation, either self or via global governments, of the industry thus providing a greater level of trust in the cryptocurrency being invested in. As I’ve said for years, Bitcoin is the Grandmother of them all and became the most widely known but definitely not the first. Since 2017 many different types of coins and tokens have been issued, some of value while others are worthless. The Initial Coin Offerings “ICO”, which to me have always looked like a circumvention of securities laws, have boomed throughout 2017 into early 2018 however I do believe that investors, institutions, reputable coin exchanges, reputable issuers and securities regulators are beginning to smarten up and take the bull by the horns to avoid an implosion due to massive abuse.

The number of companies that virtually out of no where added “Blockchain” to their name was outrageous, from public to private companies, from bread companies to pharma based companies, none of them having anything to do with blockchain but they used the word anyway to spark investment in their companies. This is the type of abuse that needs to be clamped down on to allow the true organizations in this space to bring the best in class to the public and allowing it to blossom from there.

In the cryptocurrency arena we have to mention The Pecu Novus Network, not because Megahoot has taken over the future maintenance and development of the network in March 2018, but because of what it’s capable of. The network, which is blockchain technology powered, allows businesses globally to securely and cost effectively transact business using the escrow feature, internal messaging, dual and when requested triple confirmation feature and soon they will be able to upload full contracts to their highly secure document vault for transparency and security.

The Pecu Novus Network does have a digital asset in the Pecu Novus Coins, which are used for these business transactions and we are seeing more trading occurring. Trading is allowing coin holders to trade their coins for other cryptocurrency to widen their portfolio of digital assets. Pecu Novus will be listed on various exchanges in the near future that offer this service for a fee, on The Pecu Novus Network itself only Pecu Coins are allowed to be transferred from one party to another.

This question is asked often and this would be the answer, the network is not an exchange so there is not an option to sell for fiat currency on the network and never will be. However this is what coin exchanges are for, so when Pecu Novus Coins are trading on various platforms in the near future then those with coins that are not in escrow will be able to freely trade, sell or purchase Pecu Novus Coins on such platforms.

This is a new age, a digital age and whether you choose to fight it or go with it, well its coming fast and furious so my advice would be to learn as much as you can so that you are fully informed and prepared for the next chapter coming soon in technology.

About Louis Velazquez

Louis Velazquez has over 25 years of investment banking/finance experience having worked with Smith Barney, PaineWebber, Credit Suisse First Boston, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. He has managed over $2B in assets for clients internationally; initiated various funding efforts for private & public companies as well as commercial real estate projects. Louis has participated in $1B+ of private commercial real estate transactions internationally. He has been an integral part of various mergers and acquisitions over the past 20 years, with a proficiency in turnaround projects, restructuring of distressed assets and implementing growth strategies.

His background in technology goes back to 1985 from coding to the development of new technologies. He worked on various business development projects in the early days of the internet with a hands on approach, from developing the structure and advising on the technology to raising capital. He was instrumental in assisting in developing various applications that were used in the social media arena.

He is a Managing Partner of private equity firm Falcon Global Acquisitions, CEO of technology company Megahoot, Chairman of next generation smart modular manufacturing company Spartan Modular Technologies and host of the Money Never Sleeps Radio Show.

Some other life highlights include being a former pro wrestler and athlete, Radio/TV show host, Alumni of the Gemological Institute of America and News Journalist. He works with various charitable organizations focused on children, women or animal related causes lending his assistance and name in order to further their progress.

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