Injury Care Chiropractic: The Next Big Advancement in the Chiropractic Medical World.

Louisville – 28th December, 2017 – Most patients feel very comfortable with doctors that are older, ever wondered why? It’s due to the years of experience. The patients feel a whole lot more comfortable with them, knowing they won’t be among the trial and error patients. The same goes for an injured patient too, though in some cases they might be too injured to actually care or ask whether the doctor is experienced or not. Unfortunately, many facilities are underequipped to handle treatment and rehabilitation following an accident.

However, at Injury Care Chiropractic, you need not worry about that.  We have a state of the art office where we can handle the initial pain from injury and follow through with strengthening and conditioning.  We are specifically trained in the spine, soft tissues and joints. We want you to return to the pre-injury status you once had before this accident and enjoy a fuller life. Life is movement and your spine and joints provide you with locomotion to enjoy all activities of daily living.

If you’re the victim of an injury, never underestimate its seriousness. Even if it appears no harm was done, there could be after-effects.

Louisville Chiropractor Dr. Byers Jr., M.S., D.C. has helped thousands of those involved in an auto and worker’s comp. accidents.  He has testified as an expert witness up to 100 times for patients involved in auto accidents.  Injury Care Chiropractic understands the mechanisms of low to high impact car wrecks and their effects on the spine, joints, brain and all related soft tissue.

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