Inexpensive Survival Gear — SOS Rescue Tools Cuts Prices on Entire Amazon Store

SOS’ 11 in 1 Survival Tool Comes With 2 Mylar Blankets and a FREE Digital Survival Guide PDF
SOS Rescue Tools has actually lowered prices on every one of their products including their bestselling credit card survival tool

Palm Springs, CA — Discounted inexpensive Survival Gear is now available on SOS Rescue Tools has actually lowered prices on every one of their products including their bestselling credit card survival tool. As they, in a short time frame, have made an huge impact in the Amazon Marketplace, owner William Douglas has lowered costs to expand brand name exposure.

The firm also, through an e-mail series, educates its consumers with instructions and tips on how to use their products including their 11 in 1 credit card survival tool. This is an extremely important service for their consumers and is among the reasons they are making headway in this competitive specific niche.

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“We quite proud of our survival products and our customer support. We are committed to bring the Amazon Marketplace the very best in survival equipment at prices that work for everyone” states William Douglas. “However, it doesn’t stop at inexpensive survival gear. We’re additionally committed to offering our customers the very best detailed instructions on to utilize our products. Oh, and by the way, most of our products come with a FREE digital survival guide PDF. It is a part of our commitment to offer the very best customer service PERIOD!”

Below are 11 Uses for the SOS Credit Card Tool.

1. Can opener.

2. Knife edge (Great As Box Opener).

3. Screwdriver (Flat Tip).

4. Ruler (1mm increments).

5. Bottle Opener (Perfect For Parties, Conversation Starter).

6. 4 position wrench (10mm, 8mm, 7mm, 6mm).

7. 2 position wrench (5mm, 4mm).

8. Butterfly screw wrench (3mm).

9. Direction Ancillary Indication.

10. Saw Blade (Great for Scaling Fish).

11. Lanyard hole for keys and/or Paracord Attachment (Also works great for angling line).

The business offers these suggestions as a way to “inspire your creativity. If you’re stranded alone, or with people depending on you, your imagination will certainly be your greatest resource.” – William Douglas, SOS Rescue Tools Executive.

What Customer are saying about the SOS Credit Card Multi Tool

“This 11 in 1 tool is spectacular and I initially picked this one due to the fact that the instructions on the listing photo) are in English, and it includes fantastic bonuses. 2 mylar emergency blankets and a pdf survival book making this a GREAT bargain. Very impressed and the tool is truly solid” – Amazon Customer Review

“This is a wonderful each day carry device. I have utilized it already in so many scenarios. The screw motorist and knife are definitely helpful. I additionally opened up a container of beer for a buddy who could not find his very own opener. This thing is so little you hardly know you have it. Little and useful – best!” – Amazon Customer Review

“This is a wonderful little device to have about when you don’t have access to your tool box. I am keeping mine in my car, because I don’t carry my device box there. It would additionally be good to contend operate in my desk for those times when you have to tear something open or tighten up a screw. The tool includes a nice slightly sleeve to save it in and the sleeve also stores an instruction card IN ENGLISH.” – Amazon Customer Review


SOS Rescue Tools was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Palm Springs, CA. Their items, including the credit card multi tool are offered exclusively on

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