IndieGoGo offers Pure Decibit Wi-Fi Phone, Ideal for Confidential P2P Calls has recently introduced advanced pure Wi-fi phone, which is lightweight, and ideal for confidential P2P calls.

21st Oct, 2014, Germany. Are you fed up paying hefty Wi-Fi bills just because your GSM phone do not give hi-speed like wi-fi? presents  advanced phone, called as pure Wi-fi phone, which not only give high speed internet speed, but also focus on confidential P2P calls.

Wireless GSM technology has been a costly affair since always, moreover,  there are many other factors such as smartphone prices, mobile plans, calling costs and more that you need to consider. Even if you invest such a high cost, you would not get high speed like wi-fi on your phone. Decibit Wi-Fi is a wonderful wi-phone with wireless telephone that is really fascinating. Apart from facilitating confidential Wi-Fi phone through voice encryption is a standard feature.

The Pure Wi-Fi phone looks exactly like iPhone and comes with a mic/ speaker marks of a good old landline phone. It is much lighter than any smartphone available in the market. It combines all necessary features which are required for the given tasks. To operate this advanced phone, you would not require any glass screen and keyboard because it has a simple point to point operation with 2+1 buttons to navigate the phone book and initiate/ stop a call.

Just like any other mobile phone, you can make phonebook entries and make Wi-Fi access point list with their passwords. The passwords are managed through the PC application for which you need to connect the wi-fi phone via USB cable to a PC. The excellent phone is an emerging alternative to all leading smartphones. Above all, you do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get this phone.

The wifi phone will definitely protect your privacy by operating outside the matix, and it also ensure low antenna radiation exposure to offer health benefits. In today’s scenario, where everyone uses wi-fi heavily, this phone may become a serious competition to GSM. Mobile phones are gradually shifting to WiFi and encryption.

Interest buyer can take complete information about the Decibit phone here: You can buy this phone without any registration, and use it as simple as it make or receive free of charge worldwide calls. There is no SIM card, no roaming and no phone bills will be required.

The retail price of pure WiFi Phone is about $99 USD, and therefore, you can consider giving this phone to your family or friends as a gift.


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