Indiegogo Campaign for the World’s First Al Drone

September 11, 2017 – We hear about drones and see them in movies, little did we know we could actually own them and have them fly around in our control and help us get things done. J.A.R.V.I.S as it is nicknamed is finally here.

FLiFLi producers of this breath taking drone, the FLiFLi Airdrop popularly known as ORCA that would take you for a ride in the sky is bringing to the notice of the general public the ongoing campaign to fund/ back the idea so as to bring it to reality. An Indiegogo campaign is currently ongoing and we urge the general public to come together and help us bring this idea to live.

The ORCA is an electronic device designed by FLiFLi is the world first Al Drone, packed with lots of features never seen in a drone. This drone is packed with smoother and smarter controls, HUD screen, 360 degree view, internet connection amongst other wonderful features.

This device would first be dropped on Indiegogo, so everyone that funded this campaign are entitled to certain privileges such as; Reduced prices, free shipping when an order is placed. The first set of orders would be shipped come June, 2018.

The ORCA designed by a team of highly experienced professionals who are passionate about drones, and are experts in hardware, software and product design, each highly skilled within their own specializations. They have been working hard with enthusiasm to bridge between the latest AI and AR technology. Our drones are equipped with high quality tech & at affordable prices to bring a whole new revolution to the drone industry.     

Join us today to fund this wonderful project, the first Al drone to earth. Be a part of something great and reap the fruit in no time.

Head over to our Indiegogo campaign page and start supporting.

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