Indian Travel Blog Discloses The 16 Most Haunted Places In Delhi

From the most fearless travel bloggers of India comes a much-awaited post that disclosed Delhi’s 16 most haunted places only for the brave of heart. Indian travel blog, PandaReviewz journals the top travel destinations around India and the world, the most recent review covers a more forbidding territory with the help of paranormal hunters and enthusiasts in India, Panda Review explore the locations around Delhi known as paranormal hotspots.

As a tourist attraction, the capital of India, Delhi has a lot to offer to cater to even the most adventurous of travelers, a busy metropolitan city combines the rich heritage of the region with the modern vibrancy of a booming country. A vibrant city at most times of the day also had a spookier side with this plentiful and breathtaking haunted locations dotted around the city. Panda Review these must-visit paranormal destinations situated only for those with nerves of steel.

The spokesperson for PandaReviewz said, “Delhi, a place of love and war that establishes a promise of its own, however, away from the hustle and bustle of this metropolitan city, Delhi is also known for its paranormal history. We have painstakingly compiled a huge list of haunted places in Delhi that will satiate your thirst for the paranormal. We would like to thank the people who helped us delve deep into the parts of the city where paranormal energies are an intricate part of the living and narrow down a list of the sixteen most chilling locations.”

PandaReviewz travel blog India team has its own fans of the paranormal and haunted locations, which is why when they got the chance to work with paranormal enthusiasts the team took the opportunity to learn and explore some chilling details about the city. Their review includes the Delhi Cantonment Road and the lady clad in a white sari that is known to haunt the area. Read about all the haunted places in Delhi on


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