Publishes New Article On Facebook’s New Video Platform

FaceBook has looked to make changes to its platform in order to appeal to users and they have been going about it at a rapid pace to stay ahead. This is where they have come out with a solution that is going to change how things are being done in the world of live streaming. They are going to change who is able to use the service and how they are going to use it.

Let’s take a look at what this change is going to mean and what they have done with this recent launch and how sites like are changing the way we look at products such as the Incredible Dream Machine.

FaceBook ‘Live’

This is what the service is going to be called in order to stand out and provide massive results right off the bat for the social media giant. They are trying to make sure they are able to outdo the rest of the market in one fell swoop.

This is the goal they have set for themselves and that is what they are embarking on at this point in time because this is what they need the most as time goes on.

The goal is to make sure you are on the right path towards success as that matters the most.

Only Celebrities

Who is going to be allowed to use this service at first? The goal is to only have celebrities using it at the moment as that is going to attract more people to it and is going to give it the kind of launch that is needed to see success.

This is the goal that is being set up and they are going for major celebrities that are going to put up good content. The likes of Dwayne Johnson, Michael Buble, Martha Stewart, and many more are going to be using the service at the beginning and putting up live streams of themselves.

Focus On Quality

FaceBook is looking to stay away from low-quality content on Live and they are going to make sure it is done the right way because that is what matters the most to them and their management.

The goal is to showcase this as a premium video streaming option that is going to better anything else that is out there and is going to make everyone want to use it eventually. This is the marketing ploy and at the moment, it is being set up in a way where it will succeed.

Facebook is making this change to not only take on the likes of Meerkat and Periscope, but also make sure they are setting up a service that is not going to be rivalled. They want to make sure they do it right and not make the mistakes that others have in the past and are hating this point in time.

To get it right, they are going to test with celebrities and see how it launches and what value it has to offer. If it does well, they will spread it around and see what is out there.

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