Inadequate Attic Ventilation “Contributing Source” Of Increased Electricity Bills And Roof Shingle Damage, Says Attic Breeze

GATESVILLE, TX – June 11th, 2018 – With summer upon us, and with heat and humidity levels rapidly rising across Texas and most other areas of the country, so does the incidence of increased electricity bills and accelerated roof deterioration when adequate ventilation is not present. Representatives from Attic Breeze, the premiere manufacturer of solar-powered attic fans based out of Gatesville, Texas, recently spoke of how crucial it is to maintain a well-ventilated attic, so as to prevent, among other things, roof shingle damage, decreased longevity of HVAC equipment and higher than necessary electricity bills.

“Letting your attic breathe is an important part of maintaining a healthy and energy-efficient home” said Brandi Hipp, Marketing Director, Attic Breeze®. “During daylight, temperatures in poorly ventilated attics can easily rise up to 140°F-150°F plus, trapping both heat and humidity build up resulting in a variety of costly issues for homeowners.”

“A smart solution to this all-too-common problem is the installation of eco-friendly, energy-efficient solar-powered attic fans, which rely solely on renewable energy, and bare zero operational cost. Attic Breeze® solar attic fans work as a self-regulating system, whose heat and humidity removing speed is proportional to the sunlight intensity to which the roof is exposed to. This way, Attic Breeze solar attic fans efficiently and actively remove heat and humidity while significantly lowering attic temperatures to within roughly 5°F-15°F of the current outside ambient air temperature. 

Attic Breeze designs and manufactures an exclusive range of third-party tested, windstorm certified solar powered ventilation products for both residential and commercial applications using the highest quality materials and setting industry wide standards of manufacturing excellence. Standing behind the quality and workmanship of its products, which are made exclusively in the USA, Attic Breeze offers a Lifetime Residential Warranty for every solar attic fan manufactured.

The full suite of Attic Breeze solar powered ventilation products can be viewed here.

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